Agile Professional Services

Close more deals, utilize untapped potential, and move faster.

A Powerful Talent Network

Tap the full potential of the team to win more business and improve delivery.


Make agility a reality

Empower people with insight on skills, availability, and project experience whether work is in person or WFH.


Connect expertise to need

Make the right professionals easier to find.  Match expertise with opportunity. 


Win more business

Strengthen connections within your firm to support deal pursuits and open growth opportunities.

How it Works
"At the time we pitch a client we need to quickly know what talent aligns to the job, and who’s available to do the work. Structural makes that possible.”
Keith Wolf
Keith Wolf Chief Creative Officer, Modern Climate

Structural connects people to opportunity in ambitious organizations of all sizes.


Return on Investment

Structural customers save time, close more deals, and have more engaged teams.

Connect People to Opportunity

The days of talented team members feeling underutilized and siloed are over.

Structural's Internal Opportunity Marketplace empowers every person in an organization to find project work, gigs, learning, and new experiences to contribute to the firm and to grow professionally. 

Structural's AI engine matches and promotes opportunities to the right people using the rich profiles in Structural to convert untapped potential to impact.


Mira_Opportunities Dashboard_Web_Transparent

Move Quickly to Close Deals

Are you using internal networks and mass emails to find the skills, background, or credentials you need to close deals?  

Services firms that use Structural stop losing work because they can't find the right people at the right time to match to a pursuit or project.

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“Producers at Sandbox need to know people to get things done. Structural is like one-stop shopping for people, resources, and ideas.”
Jess Bonfig
Jess Bonfig Senior Producer, Sandbox Marketing

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