Accelerate Services Organizations

Structural accelerates services teams by connecting the right people with the right opportunities.

When teams are connected, more opportunities are won, project staffing accelerates, and the right talent is aligned with the right work. 

Data-Rich Profiles for Every Person

  • People data is collected from existing systems, such as  CRM, project management, HR data, and resume information
  • Data-rich profiles are 100% optimized and searchable on day one
  • Data is organized into real-time insight and made available to everyone across the organization

How it Works
"At the time we pitch a client we need to quickly know what talent aligns to the job, and who’s available to do the work. Structural makes that possible.”
Keith Wolf
Keith Wolf Chief Creative Officer, Modern Climate

“Our second-largest client was not going to hire us for a particular job because they didn't think we had specific skill sets concerning sustainability in the beef industry.

We used the Structural app, and we actually found an expert inside the agency who worked for the organization that sets the national industry standards.

We kept that business. It was really a thing of beauty.”

Patrick Milan
Patrick Milan Chief Insights Officer, Tunheim

Capture more Business

Grow revenue with a more connected, more agile team.


Check the pulse

Better understand team projects, priorities, and success barriers as work arrangements shift especially during remote work.


Build & understand expertise

Can you imagine if all your institutional knowledge was instantly searchable? Empower experts to collaborate and align their expertise with high-impact opportunities. 


Align the right people with the right opportunities

Project Managers: Does your current staffing strategy involve jumping between spreadsheets & internal resumes? What if you could search individual:

  • Skills
  • Past client & project experience
  • Current & future capacity

All in one place?


The only All-in-One People Directory with Real-Time Insight

When people data is organized and searchable, it can empower every individual to make essential connections, optimize capacity, and utilize their team's expert skills.

Product Animation Laptop
Product Animation Mobile
Product Animation Laptop
Product Animation Mobile

Uncover Skills &
Empower your People

What if the skills gap you’re trying to fill isn’t really a gap at all? The skills and experience you’re looking for might be hiding in plain sight. Services teams use Structural to utilize the full potential of their existing team by surfacing insights on past projects, skills, and availability. 

"When we look at new business opportunities, it is incredible to see people's skills, interests and the brands they have worked with in the past."

Senior Executive
Senior Executive Sandbox Marketing

Make a Lasting First Impression

Convert cumbersome tasks of managing resumes and profiles into a fully digitized, searchable (and yes, still printable) process that sets you apart during the sales process.


Optimize Resource Alignment

65% of executives in highly skilled services organizations reported having to turn down work in the last 12 months due to lack of available resources and skills. With intuitive search and smart people recommendations, Structural aligns your most valuable resource, your people, around projects and initiatives. 

“Producers at Sandbox need to know people to get things done. Structural is like one-stop shopping for people, resources, and ideas.”
Jess Bonfig
Jess Bonfig Senior Producer, Sandbox Marketing

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