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Empower people to find the experts, opportunities, and collaborators they need to thrive at work

Build retention, productivity, and inclusion, at scale, with a Discovery Platform for the Workplace.

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How Structural works for you

Enterprise organizations use Structural to empower people to discover the opportunities, experts, and collaborators they need to thrive at work.

Enterprise Overview

Services & staffing organizations use Structural to optimize win-win alignment between clients and consultants.

Services & Staffing Orgs Overview

Public sector organizations use Structural to break down silos, connect people, and expand opportunities, for everyone.

Public Sector Overview

“Structural has done for complex enterprises what LinkedIn has done for the outside world.”
Scott Dorsey
Scott Dorsey Co-Founder at ExactTarget and Salesforce Marketing Cloud; Managing Partner at High Alpha

Make Microsoft Teams Better

An easy launch, in just a matter of days

People spend a lot of time in Teams—so we're there too. Structural is a strategic Microsoft Teams partner, so you can bring the impact of Structural into your organization, with ease.

Scale connection and opportunity.
For every one, every day.

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Microsoft Teams + Structural News and Notes

Get all the latest partnership and product update news from Teams and Structural.

1. This new Microsoft blog outlines how Structural + Teams has already helped tens of thousands of people identify new work opportunities, find internal experts and collaborators, and boost productivity, satisfaction, and employee retention.

2. Structural was also featured in Microsoft's recent Hybrid Work Showcase and Microsoft Build 2022 conference.


Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, featuring Structural at Microsoft Build 2022

"Structural is one of our most strategic partners because we really think your product will continue to be a hit with our customer base."
Aditya Challapally
Aditya Challapally Senior Product Manager, Microsoft Teams

Make Workday Better

Layer Workday, business systems, personality data & more all in one easily accessible place.

Workday has a lot of information. How do you make that information quickly and easily useful? Structural uses the data you already have—from Workday, and across your organization—and brings it together so that it's easy to see and easy to use.

A simple and fast way to scale connection and opportunity. For every one, every day.

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Structural connects people to opportunity in hybrid work environments like these.



Return on Investment

Structural customers save time, close more deals, and have more engaged teams.

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