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“Structural has done for complex enterprises what LinkedIn has done for the outside world.”
Scott Dorsey
Scott Dorsey Co-Founder at ExactTarget and Salesforce Marketing Cloud; Managing Partner at High Alpha

Dynamic People Directory

Everyone in the organization can find and connect with the right people at the right time based on skills, interests, role, client relationships, capacity, and more.

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Powered by Data

Structural organizes the rich data siloed in business systems (think: CRM, Project, HRIS, and other data) to create and maintain stunning profiles of every person in the organization automatically.

Does your team use Microsoft Teams?  Learn more about why Teams + Structural is a winning combination.

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Internal Opportunity Marketplace

Structural's internal Opportunity Marketplace is built to match the "supply" of talented employees across an organization to the "demand" of short gigs, key projects, big roles, sales support, volunteering, learning, and mentoring.

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Structural connects people to opportunity in hybrid work environments like these.



Return on Investment

Structural customers save time, close more deals, and have more engaged teams.

The Ideal Platform for Hybrid Work...

Capture Velocity:
Stop losing 5-20% of every individual’s time and wasting money on contractors by connecting the right existing team members to each other and to opportunities, no matter where they work.

Create New Capacity:
Unlock existing team members to contribute in new ways by promoting opportunities both small and large.

  • Increase sales close rate by 2X by getting the right people involved
  • Make learning agile and cut wasted L&D spend by $500+ per employee
  • Crank up employee experience and reduce turnover by promoting community engagement and DEI initiatives.

...and Hybrid Workers

  • Break Out of Silos and Save Time:
    Reach across the organization to solve problems, save time, and find the right collaborators
  • Be More than Your Job Description:
    Let others find you for the projects, opportunities, and connections that will add velocity to your organization and your career.
  • Contribute and Grow:
    Contribute in new ways with gigs, opportunities, and growth readily available

Personal ROI: 5-20% of time wasted searching for people and resources gets reinvested in doing great work faster and loving your job.


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