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Sales Teams

Accelerate Deals and Form Winning Teams with Structural

Structural offers sales teams the real-time insight needed to answer questions, tailor solutions, and find expertise to close more business.

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Build Winning Teams

Leading organizations don’t leave critical enterprise pursuits to chance. Create project teams with the right skills and experience to close business and exceed expectations.

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Create Compelling Proposals

Structural clients get access to internal employee data, like skills, experience, education, and project experience in real time to power productivity.

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Surface People Trends

Do your top sales performers share common experience or personalities? Structural finds similar traits throughout your organization to help you make better people decisions.

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Inspire Performance

Organizations that deliver better employee experiences are 4 times more profitable. Sales leaders recognize contributions, tailor feedback, and create a connected with culture with Structural.

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Develop the Next Generation of Sales Leaders

Your sales talent pool is deeper than you think. Structural helps identify opportunities for individuals to lead projects and take on new challenges based on career goals, education, personality traits, and past performance.


Support Customers Throughout Their Lifecycle

Your Sales process doesn’t end when customers sign the contract. Structural aligns project teams, customer success teams, and services teams throughout your customer lifecycle to create world-class experiences.


Sales Teams Succeed with Structural

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