Empower Sales Teams

Accelerate Deals and Form Winning Teams with Structural

Structural offers sales teams the real-time insight needed to answer questions, tailor solutions, and find expertise to close more business.

A Data-Rich Profile for Every Person

  • People data is securely collected from existing systems, such as CRM, project management, HR data, and resume information
  • Data-rich profiles are 100% optimized and searchable on day one
  • Data is organized into real-time insight and made available to everyone across the organization

How it Works
“Our old directory failed. 
No one kept it up to date. 
Structural was full from day one without our people doing anything.”
Becca Hoeft
Becca Hoeft CMO, Sunrise Banks

The only All-in-One People Directory with Real-Time Insight

When people data is organized and searchable, it can empower every individual to make essential connections, capitalize on opportunities, and utilize their team's expert skills.

“Structural is a key part of our complete digital transformation strategy and we are excited for this to be one of the first things to launch”
National Director of Learning and Development
National Director of Learning and Development Structural Customer
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Close More Business

Grow revenue by 10%+ with a more connected, more agile sales team.


Build Winning Teams

Leading organizations don’t leave critical prospect opportunities to chance. Create project teams with the right skills and experience to close business and exceed expectations.


Surface People Trends

Do your top sales performers share common experience or personality traits? Structural finds similarities throughout your organization to help you make better people decisions.


Create Compelling Proposals

Get access to internal employee data like skills, professional experience, and education so you can tap into your colleagues' expertise and create something memorable together. 

People Sales Search

Onboard new Talent with Purpose (Even when they're Remote)

The first 90 days for a new sales professional are critical, especially for remote workers. Can your new hires instantly find and leverage the people and resources they need to close that first deal quickly and turn that early success into real momentum? 

"Structural is ideal for events and new hires mingling well with existing hires. This has been a very relevant tool for the corporate arm of our company."
Mike Schonhoff
Mike Schonhoff Media Strategy and Production, Eight Eleven Group
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Develop the Next Generation of Sales Leaders

Your sales talent pool is deeper than you think. Intelligent search helps identify opportunities for individuals to lead projects and take on new challenges based on skills, education, personality traits, and career goals.

“With reps out in the field and customer care in a central location, we lost the fact that they are real people.  We believe that Structural can add that human element back into it.”
National Director of Learning and Development
National Director of Learning and Development Structural Customer

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