Public Sector HR Leaders use Structural to:

Operationalize opportunity, throughout your organization

Meet Bora

Bora is an HR leader in a workforce agency. One of her strategic goals this year is creating more opportunities for employees to grow, to have a clearer view on skills, and to stem attrition.

Here are a few ways Structural helps HR leaders.


"It was easier for people to find a new job outside of our agency, rather than inside of our agency."

With Structural, employees find the people and opportunities that help them grow and help your organization grow, at scale.

"We didn't have a full picture of the skills in our organization—we couldn't quantify the strengths and gaps of our talent."

Skill insights—for teams, departments, and the whole organization

Structural helps you see the full view of skills in your organization.


"How can we create a culture that scales empowerment and transparency?"

Build a more empowering culture

Structural gives employees more transparency and autonomy by giving them scalable tools to build networks, find mentors and experts, and find opportunities. Empower your people, every day, at scale.

"We needed a talent mobility strategy to make opportunities transparent and available to everyone."

Talent mobility that works

Structural's opportunity marketplace helps employees find new roles and opportunities, and it also helps opportunities find the right people

With Structural you can search across your peoples' skills, experience, interests and more—so you can find hidden talent to fill internal roles.


With Structural HR leaders, like Bora, can break down silos, connect people, and expand opportunities.

For every employee, every day.

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