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Internal Recruiting

Recruiting external candidates costs 170% more than hiring internally.

 Your next great hire could be right under your nose. Structural gives you the tools you need to manage internal recruiting efforts more effectively than ever. 


Intelligent Skills Search

Find the internal candidates that have the skills you need for the open roles.


Powered by Data Science

What if you could instantly find more people similar to your top performers?  Game-changing. Structural's People Match helps you narrow your search to those with similar skills, roles, and titles.


Save Time. Reduce Training Costs.

As many as 60% of external hires are unsuccessful. Recruiting internally saves you time, and reduces onboarding and training  expenses.


Hire More Effectively. Empower Employees.

Structural makes it easy for talent leaders to create awareness  around new roles, and empowers interested candidates to raise their hands. 

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Need to find leaders to power your growth? Recruiting internally is more effective.

A study by the Wharton School found that while external hires were paid more and cost more to recruit, they had worse performance reviews during their first two years on the job than similar hires made from internal candidates. Structural's unique focus on people data gives you a new and powerful way to tap into your most valuable assets, your people.


Want to learn more?

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How can Structural power your next candidate search?

Structural brings together the people data from your internal sources, including those from HRIS, CRM, and even popular ATS systems. Then our powerful search tools help you narrow your search to just the right candidate.

Answer questions like:

  • Who on staff has the skills and certifications I need?
  • How do I ensure the best person for the role is aware of the opportunity?
  • Which employees have worked in this vertical before? 

Structural knows.

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