Structural For

Innovation Teams

Structural provides you with an innovation hub for talent.

 Rich profiles for all of your SME's puts your team's skills at your fingertips.


Search and Connect

Create a searchable way to instantly find people with certain skills, project history, training background, interests, etc.


Power New Revenue Streams

Support business development with a powerful database of the innovators who can be leveraged / deployed against opportunities.


Optimize Resources

Reduce redundancy in projects.  Allow people with overlapping ideas and passions to collaborate.


Uncover & Feature Innovators

Provide ready access to data on who is where, what their skills are,  when engaging with leaders in operating areas

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Innovation is Powerful

What if the the next big idea already is in the mind of one of your internal team members? Your current and future innovators might be hiding in plain sight. The data rich profiles in Structural enable you to capture and centralize all of your people data...making you more effective, and your innovation team more agile and productive.


Teams are increasingly decentralized and autonomous.

Innovation teams thrive on technology that enables decentralization, because of the reduced transaction cost. Expertise in your organization is spread out, remote, and often untapped if unknown. Structural features intelligent people search and features powered by data science that lets you create a valuable talent hub to unleash new possibilities.

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Unleash your Team’s Potential with Structural

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