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A Workplace Filled with Opportunity

At the heart of every vibrant employee experience is the ability for every individual to find and connect with others, contribute, learn, and grow inside your organization.


People are Underutilized

67% of young workers say they don't get to do what they do best at work. Structural allows individuals to find others and be found for opportunities outside a narrow role or job title. And, the Internal Opportunity Marketplace makes it easy for individuals to connect with everything from small opportunities to key projects or even new roles. 

“With Structural, we get to see employees live our mission day in and day out. It’s brought out a lot of personalities you wouldn’t normally get a chance to see, and it’s a voice for the employees that is being heard throughout the whole company.”
Brianna Oliverius
Brianna Oliverius Cultural Coordinator, Sunrise Banks

People-Centered Onboarding

Empowered Employees from Day 1

Structural automatically creates and maintains stunning profiles for every individual in your organization allowing people to quickly grow their internal networks and be found for new opportunities, from day 1.

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"Our employees are now immersed in a digital world. From onboarding to maintaining connection and culture across the organization, Structural is at the core of that experience for us.”
Division CEO
Division CEO Top 5 Global Healthcare Company

Talent Mobility, Learning and Development

Most organizations are filled with small and large opportunities to contribute, learn, and grow. Structural makes it easy for individuals to promote (and be found for) internal gigs, mentoring, learning opportunities, new roles, and more.

Think of Structural's Opportunity Marketplace as a talent mobility machine.  Individuals gain access to the people and opportunities that accelerate their career as the organization grows.

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Foster Equity of Opportunity

Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) efforts fail when individuals are siloed and unable to make meaningful connections outside of their teams. Structural makes it easy for individuals to expand their network, connect with career-defining opportunities and build community with others who share their identity.

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It's increasingly important to create more spaces where people who share identity can come together and create community.
Structural can be a tool to address this."
Kristen Matha
Kristen Matha Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Ice Miller LLP
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