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Executive Leadership

Executives use Structural to align talent with mission-critical objectives.

Give leaders in your organization quick access to the depth of skills and experience already available on their teams.


Your Entire Company, at Your Fingertips

72% of leaders are worried about the availability of key skills in their organization. Structural provides a rich profile for every employee, giving you a quick view of the skills, experience, team composition, and more for your entire organization.


Improve Productivity & Drive Growth

Most employees spend 1 day in 5 just looking for information or people inside your organization. Giving your teams ready access to people, skills and project data with Structural helps your organization be more efficient and productive. 


Receive Feedback Quickly and Easily

Structural gives you the power to quickly get a pulse on your organization with targeted polls to specific teams, or the entire organization.


Activated People Data Equals Long-term Impact

Your organization is pursuing digital transformation to succeed in today's market. Structural helps you put your people data to work, driving productivity, activating your team, and unleashing potential that results in long-term impact. 


It all starts with Data-Rich Profiles

Data is pulled from existing business systems (CRM, project systems, messaging platforms, and HR platforms) and housed in searchable profiles.

  • Data-rich profiles are the bedrock upon which all other capabilities in Structural are built.

    We apply intelligent search, real-time insight, and data science to these profiles so everyone in an organization can find the help and connections they need to solve problems, close deals, and promote collaborative innovation.

  • The interests tab is a space to share your self. Sharing interests and passions promotes richer connections between colleagues and helps everyone within the organization discover where interests align with professional opportunities.

  • New professional relationships and collaborations require a lot of time and effort upfront getting to know your colleagues’ distinct personalities and habits. What type of team member will they be? How do they communicate? Do they prefer to lead or follow?

    What if this crucial information was made available to everyone in an organization so you could replace pleasantries and misunderstanding with deeper, more intentional, connections?

    This example shows an integration with a custom Predictive Index personality report.

  • How will you leverage Structural? Think of this last tab as a completely customizable and open canvas. Perhaps it's a space to promote internal mobility, to find a mentor, or as a powerful insourcing tool.

    What is the most important people data for your organization? Structural helps store and centralize essential information so that it may empower everyone in the organization to do their very best work.

Accelerate your Talent Strategy

Your people are your strategic advantage. Structural helps leaders identify high-potential employees for special projects, promotions, and succession planning.

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Find the Right People When You Need Them

Easily search for filter talent by department, experience, tenure, location. Create winning teams and a roadmap for growth with transparent, up-to-date internal insights.

IceMiller’s greatest asset is its people and Structural has helped us continue to strengthen this asset by connecting the right people to the right projects.”
Steve Humke
Steve Humke Chief Managing Partner, IceMiller LLP
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Activate your People Data at Scale with Structural.

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