A Discovery Platform
for the Enterprise

It’s easy to see that the future of work has arrived early. 

But how are you supposed to act on it?

Even with all of the collaboration and messaging tools inside enterprises, individuals still struggle to find each other and miss out on opportunities to learn, grow, and contribute.

Structural organizes your existing data around these people and embeds opportunity into work.

“Our teams now use Structural to find the help and expertise they need, exactly when they need it.”
Michael, Division CEO
Michael, Division CEO Top 5 Global Healthcare Company

Perfectly complementary to the platforms enterprises use

Structural automatically organizes data from siloed systems into dynamic people profiles, and makes that information easily accessible on web, mobile and  inside Microsoft Teams. 

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Return on Investment

Structural customers save time, close more deals, and have more engaged teams.

Connect people to opportunity

The internal Opportunity Marketplace is built to match the "supply" of talented employees across an organization to the "demand" of short gigs, key projects, big roles, sales support, volunteering, learning, and mentoring.

Structural's AI engine matches and promotes opportunities to the right people using the rich profiles in Structural to convert untapped potential to impact.


Designed for enterprise complexity

  • Enterprise organizations are often a complex group of business units, from acquisitions to innovation labs to shared services.
  • Structural is designed to handle the complexity, can support the divisions of your org, and manage access and permissions by business divisions

Structural can connect your entire enterprise

And certain teams benefit even more.

“With reps out in the field and customer care in a central location, we lost the fact that they are real people. We believe that Structural can add that human element back into it.”
Mark Bussel
Mark Bussel National Director of Learning and Development | Jostens, Inc

Let's get to work.

Unlike legacy systems, teams can get started with Structural in days, instead of months. Structural leverages available data from HRIS and other internal systems and instantly connects people to opportunity in ambitious organizations of all sizes.


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