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The power of the enterprise is lost when people and teams can't make the right connections at the right time


A Data-Rich Profile for Every Person

  • People data is securely collected from existing systems, such as CRM, project management, HR data, and resume information
  • Data-rich profiles are 100% optimized and searchable on day one
  • Data is organized into real-time insight and made available to everyone across the enterprise

How it Works

“Our old directory failed. 
No one kept it up to date. 
Structural was full from day one without our people doing anything.”
Becca Hoeft
Becca Hoeft CMO, Sunrise Banks

Structural Profiles for Connected Enterprise Teams

Take a deep-dive into Structural's data-rich profiles.

“Structural is a key part of our complete digital transformation strategy" and we are excited for this to be one of the first things to launch”
National Director of Learning and Development
National Director of Learning and Development Structural Customer
  • Data-rich profiles are the bedrock upon which all other capabilities in Structural are built.

    We apply intelligent search, real-time insight, and data science to these profiles so everyone in an organization can find the help and connections they need to solve problems, close deals, and promote collaborative innovation.

  • The interests tab is a space to share your self. Sharing interests and passions promotes richer connections between colleagues and helps everyone within the organization discover where interests align with professional opportunities.

  • New professional relationships and collaborations require a lot of time and effort upfront getting to know your colleagues’ distinct personalities and habits. What type of team member will they be? How do they communicate? Do they prefer to lead or follow?

    What if this crucial information was made available to everyone in an organization so you could replace pleasantries and misunderstanding with deeper, more intentional, connections?

    This example shows an integration with a custom Predictive Index personality report.

Internal Mob_Edits
  • How will you leverage Structural? Think of this last tab as a completely customizable and open canvas. Perhaps it's a space to promote internal mobility, to find a mentor, or as a powerful insourcing tool.

    What is the most important people data for your organization? Structural helps store and centralize essential information so that it may empower everyone in the organization to do their very best work.

Connect Complex Enterprises

Structural supercharges the communication tools your teams already use by allowing you to search your entire enterprise by skill, department, or even project data before you connect.

Search with Structural and then seamlessly connect using Slack, Microsoft Teams, Yammer or email.  

Final Connect Integrations_Square

Connected teams deliver extraordinary results.

The average knowledge worker wastes the equivalent of 1 day per week looking for people and information. Structural gives them that time back.

Strengthen Internal Networks

Grow a list of collaborators to solve problems faster, find a mentor, or connect with that one person who can help you push your project or deal forward. 

Employees with strong internal networks are more empowered to connect with colleagues and do their very best work.  

Build Communities of Experts

Structural utilizes data science to automatically surface and match your best experts with others across the enterprise. 

Structural Groups give those experts a space to find one another and create something truly innovative together.  


Support and Retain Top Talent

Teams are more geographically dispersed than ever before.  Remote workers find it challenging to connect and our best people are feeling more frustrated and isolated despite all the tech designed to connect us.  

Structural realizes that enterprise software can either be a part of the problem or a part of the solution.  An all-in-one people directory is the best way to connect teams and deliver extraordinary results. 


Structural can connect your entire enterprise, and certain teams benefit even more.

“With reps out in the field and customer care in a central location, we lost the fact that they are real people.  We believe that Structural can add that human element back into it.”

National Director of Learning and Development
National Director of Learning and Development Structural Customer

Let's get to work.

Unlike legacy systems, teams can get started with Structural in days, instead of months. Structural leverages available data from HRIS and other internal systems and instantly empowers teams of 50 - 50,000.  


Empower every Individual.
Empower the Enterprise.

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