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Turning Data into Insight, and Insight into Action

Structural brings together data from across your enterprise to create an intelligent,
all-in-one people directory.

Data Rich Profiles for Every Person

Structural’s goal is to democratize information, bringing together the data from all of the sources and applications across your organization, and making it useful to everyone in the company. In practice that means a data rich, and entirely searchable, profile for every individual in an enterprise. 

Structural Profiles for Connected Enterprises

Take a deep-dive into Structural's data-rich profiles.

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  • Data-rich profiles are the bedrock upon which all other capabilities in Structural are built.

    We apply intelligent search, real-time insight, and data science to these profiles so everyone in an organization can find the help and connections they need to solve problems, close deals, and promote collaborative innovation.

  • The interests tab is a space to share your self. Sharing interests and passions promotes richer connections between colleagues and helps everyone within the organization discover where interests align with professional opportunities.

  • New professional relationships and collaborations require a lot of time and effort up front getting to know your colleagues’ distinct personalities and habits. What type of team member will they be? How do they communicate? Do they prefer to lead or follow?

    What if this crucial information was made available to everyone in an organization so you could replace pleasantries and misunderstanding with deeper, more intentional, connections?

  • How will you leverage Structural? Think of this last tab as a completely customizable and open canvas. Perhaps you’ll use it to track career development, to find a mentor, or as a powerful insourcing tool.

    What is the most important people data for your organization? Structural helps store and centralize essential information so that it may empower everyone in the organization to do their very best work.

From Data to Insight

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From Insight to Action

The skills you need might be in the office next door — or across the globe.

Structural is the only all-in-one people directory that uses data-rich profiles, intelligent search, and real-time insight to connect individuals at enterprise scale. 

Image: Search by department, location, skillset and any number of other criteria to find and connect with the right people in your enterprise.  

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Let's get to work.

Unlike legacy systems, teams can get started with Structural in days, instead of months. Structural leverages available data from HRIS and other internal systems and instantly empowers teams of 50 - 50,000.  


Empower every Individual.
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