Enterprise Leaders use Structural to:

Break down silos, connect people, and expand opportunities

Meet Christine

Christine is a P&L leader for a large enterprise. In hybrid work, she's concerned about retention and a lack of cross-team collaboration. She knows how deep competition is for knowledge workers, and wants her employees to do their best work.

Here are a few ways Structural helps organizational leaders.


"How do we scale the parts of work that retain people and help them grow, here?"

With Structural, employees find the people and opportunities that help them grow and help your organization grow, at scale

"Our organization is so big—we didn't know who knows what and who does what--we just couldn't connect the dots."

Give your people the tools to find what they need, on their own

Christine's entire organization uses Structural to find experts, mentors, and collaborators, on their own. The people in Christine's organization are empowered to find the people they need to know, when they need to know them.


"We were struggling to retain the expertise of our people—we needed to get better at promoting from within."

Give employees opportunities to keep growing, here.

Christine's organization had a job board, but people found it easier to look for a new job outside the organization, rather than inside. With Structural, employees see roles tailored to their skills, seniority, and readiness for something new. And growth comes from more than a new role—opportunities can be for work groups, innovation teams, focus groups, small gigs, big projects and more.

"With hybrid work, teams became silos, and we lost the cross-team collaboration that helps us with innovation and problem solving."

Break down silos and build relationships, across the organization

Christine knows that creating relationships across the organization supports innovation, helps solve complex problems, and builds more employee loyalty. With Structural, people are encouraged to meet other employees with similar skills and experience.


With Structural, enterprise leaders, like Christine, can break down silos, connect people, and expand opportunities.

For every employee, every day.

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