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“Structural gave us rich employee profiles and smart search from day one. Our teams are more connected and more productive than ever!”

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What does an all-in-one people directory look like?


Rich Profiles


Intelligent Search


Advanced Filtering


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Data Integrations & Insights

When Data is Democratized,
People are Empowered

Structural brings together people data from across an organization to create stunningly rich profiles in an all-in-one people directory. The ability to access this data, via intelligent search, allows you to quickly and easily find and connect with experts in your organization, identify similarities in top-performing team members, form project groups, and much more. Structural makes these profiles accessible to everyone so organizations can replace isolation and noise with connection, agility, and real-time insight.

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Intelligent Search

Intelligent search helps you quickly find and connect with any person in your organization, but that's just the beginning.

Structural provides deep insights into every team member's skills, project experience, work history, department, location, language skills,  reporting structure, personality profile, and more by bringing together people data from a multitude of internal and public sources into one incredibly powerful people directory. 

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Discover the employee directory powered by people data. 

Structural powers a new kind of employee directory, one like you’ve never seen or used before. 

  • Launch in as few as 10 days
  • Rich profiles for your whole team from day one
  • Intelligent search: find the right people at the right time
  • Data and insights instantly accessible to everyone in the organization
  • Used by organizations from 50 to 50,000

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Structural empowers the organization by empowering the individual.

“I’m able to build my internal network, engage better, and navigate my own career.”

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“People are contacting me when I can really help and not just filling up my inbox.”


“I can find the help I need to learn skills and systems in real time.”

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Structural Powers People Directories for
Organizations of 50 to 50,000!


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