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Dynamic People Directory

Stunning profiles of everyone.

Structural organizes the rich data siloed in business systems (think: CRM, Project, HRIS, and other data) to create and maintain stunning profiles of every person in the organization automatically.

Everyone can find and connect with the right people at the right time based on skills, interests, roles, clients, capacity, and more.

How it Works

“Our old directory failed. 
No one kept it up to date. 
Structural was full from day one without our people doing anything.”
Becca Hoeft
Becca Hoeft CMO, Sunrise Banks

“I’m able to build my internal network, engage better, and navigate my own career.”


Search and Connect Instantly or Go Deeper

Instant Connections

We rely on one another to get work done. Finding the right person at the right time was difficult before everyone went to remote work, and now it's nearly impossible to reach outside our closest networks. 

With Stuctural's rich keyword search, you can find and connect with the right people, instantly.


Intelligent Search + Insight

Sometimes you need more than quick results. Structural empowers everyone to go deeper.

Intelligent search allows you to customize search filters to surface groups of people and real-time, data-rich, insights. 

In the words of one client, "we have never had this kind of information and insight about our people at everyone's fingertips."

“I can find the help and expertise I need to learn skills and systems in real time.”


Elevating Communication

Structural connects to existing communication channels and elevates the insight and data organizations use to customize and tailor internal communications.

The optional Structural Posts module supercharges the communication tools your teams already use (Slack, Microsoft Teams, email) by allowing you to search your entire organization by skill, department, or even project data before you communicate.

“People are contacting me when I can really help and not just filling up my inbox.”


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