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Internal Recruitment

Find and be found.

Organizations can quickly surface internal expertise to fill an open role or project and people can find and be found for internal opportunities that feel tailor-made.

"They just tapped me on the shoulder and voilà!"

Structural automatically creates and maintains stunning profiles for every individual in your organization.

What does this mean?

It means you can find that perfect internal candidate for an open role, stretch project or learning opportunity.  It also means that perfect internal candidate has a transparent views of all the internal opportunities that suit her best.

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"Before Structural, we were blasting out emails trying to find the right people for internal needs, running into problems. Adding Structural has been critical to our success. It aggregates information on everyone in one place. Now, as opportunities arise, I can easily search and find the right skill sets for a given need."
SVP, Client Success
SVP, Client Success MERGE

Mini Case Study

An Expert Surfaced, A Major Deal Saved

According to Patrick Milan, Chief Insights Officer at IPREX, Structural is a "game-changer". He recently created this internal video to showcase the potential of Structural for his entire organization.

“We always check Structural to find the right people to match to opportunities in our fluid talent model. The use is beyond what I ever expected.”
Mark Goble
Mark Goble COO, MERGE

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