A Better Employee Experience

Where is the opportunity?

Your employee experience must answer this question

Are there more opportunities for your employees internally at your organization or externally with other companies? 

Based on a global survey of almost 4,000 business executives, managers, and analysts by the MIT Sloan Review in collaboration with Deloitte Insights, employees were more than twice as likely to see more opportunity externally than internally. 

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Teams are more dispersed and individuals are more isolated from each other and from opportunity, so what can you do?

Structural works by using data to connect people to each other and to opportunity

1) People
Everyone is more than their job description and 67% of young workers say they don't get to do what they do best at work.

2) Data
We use data you already have to make sure there is a stunning profile on everyone in your organization.

3) Opportunity
Your organization is filled with potential opportunities for individuals to connect, contribute, learn, and grow. Structural makes it easy to promote and find short gigs, strategic projects, volunteer opportunities, learning programs, employee groups, and new jobs. You'll find untapped potential throughout your organization.

Structural connects people to opportunities by breaking down silos between teams, and creating an agile, people-first organization.

A better employee experience for every individual.

How can you embed opportunity into the workflow of everyday life for dispersed teams and individuals?  Let's follow Alix as she transitions from a natural in-person connector to a isolated remote worker, and finally, to a highly engaged and empowered member of an agile network:

This is Alix.

Alix is a high performer. She is always looking for new opportunities to learn, contribute, and connect with others. 

She's motivated by working with diverse colleagues and leaders and she's comfortable working across projects and departments.

The shift to remote work was tough on her at first. She felt like her networks, her people, shrank overnight and she couldn't connect with new mentors.

Now, she has Structural.

I am Mira

Alix connects to opportunity

Today, Alix is thriving. Her network is growing and she's been using Structural's Internal Opportunity Marketplace to find internal gigs and new projects where she can contribute.  

A customer analytics project that is directly aligned with her career focus was recommended to her and she had time to fit it in.

Another colleague signed up for an opportunity to be a mentor and was matched with Alix. 

Alix sees opportunity and connections across her organization and it is making work better and more productive than ever.

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People Directory

Everyone in the organization can find and connect with the right people at the right time based on skills, interests, role, client relationships, capacity, and more.

Internal Opportunity Marketplace

The right people are connected to opportunities for short gigs, key projects, big roles, sales support, volunteering, learning, and mentoring instantly.

Powered by Data

Structural collects and organizes the rich data siloed in business systems to create and maintain stunning profiles of every person in the organization.

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A Better Approach

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Structural connects people to opportunity in ambitious organizations of all sizes.


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Structural customers save time, close more deals, and have more engaged teams.