Structural clients are using data to unlock a new level of enterprise productivity.

Break Down Barriers to Performance

Data is currently scattered, incomplete, and inaccessible in your current HR, business, and personal systems.

Structural sources data from systems you're already using to connect people with the right experience with opportunities that move the needle. 

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The amazing profiles you're seeing took our company 30 minutes of effort to get started. Structural worked their magic and did the rest. 
C-Level Executive
C-Level Executive Fortune 500 Manufacturing Company
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What if everyone in your organization could move beyond personal networks and water coolers to find the right people at the right time to form stronger teams, close more deals, and solve problems more quickly? 

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How People Work is Changing Rapidly


Waste less time: 1 day per week is spent looking for the right people & information.


78% of people believe their enterprise could benefit in being more agile.


Stay connected: 43% of employees work remotely.


Structural Solves a Fundamental Challenge of Modern Work

Teams have more technology options than ever before, and yet, when it comes to finding the right people for critical roles, building connected teams, and driving productivity, organizations still fall short.

Structural clients use existing people data from HR, business, and personal systems to improve productivity for highly skilled teams. They quickly answer questions like, "What your top sales leaders have in common?" or "Who has experience with complex implementations?" or "Which engineers are best for this new client opportunity?" and they get more opportunities across the finish line.

Structural clients get value from the platform on day 1 with access to discover skills, experience and capabilities inside their organizations. By leveraging our intelligent search capabilities they gain real-time, relevant benefits and are able to connect and activate their teams in new and powerful ways. 

Structural clients are learning the value of putting their people data to work at scale.

People Data Applied = Enterprise Transformation.

Structural maximizes human capital by centralizing high-value talent data into one searchable platform.”



VP Client Services
VP Client Services Fortune 100 Company
“Structural’s deep search and communication tools help us locate the best talent for each client engagement. In our industry, we need to move quickly and communicate flawlessly, and Structural makes that possible.”
Kathy Tunheim
Kathy Tunheim Principal & CEO, Tunheim, IPREX Partner

Data Science Empowers Highly-Skilled Teams

Your best leaders bring new teammates onboard every day. But how well do the same leaders optimize the abilities of their existing colleagues? Structural data science helps leaders align available talent with existing projects based on skills, department, location, and more.

Support People & Teams at Every Stage

From startups to the world’s leading enterprise organizations, Structural’s innovative platform scales to fit the needs of teams from 50 to 50,000. With custom integrations and simple implementation, most teams are fully onboard within a few weeks, with complete profiles ready from day one.

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