Our team of innovators, artists and engineers is organized around a compelling mission to:

Build connection and growth at work, for every one, every day.

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Structural's Values: B.E.A.M.

Brave — We take risks, try new things, and embrace original thinking.
Exceptional — We act as owners and innovators trusting and supporting each other to meet our high, shared, expectations.
Authentic — We are great colleagues, we bring our passions and expertise to work, and we always act with integrity.
Motivated — We test, learn, adapt, and improve constantly in order to deliver for current and future customers.

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Meet the Structural Leadership Team

Scott Burns

Co-Founder and CEO

Ron Lancaster


Cindy Hoops

VP of Customer Success

Neil Ahrendt

Software Engineering Manager

Sarita Parikh

VP of Product


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Structural connects people to opportunity in ambitious organizations of all sizes.


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