New Features: Multiple Images, Zoom, & Preset Audiences

The average person has an 8-second attention span, according to a recent study. With such a small window to catch your team’s attention, you’ll need to make every word count, and use images to drive your message home. Structural now allows users to share zoomable images with customizable preset audiences, helping even your most distracted teammates get the information they need right away.

New features include:

  • Select multiple images from your camera roll at once to add to a Post
  • Zoom into a photo from a Post, or into a profile picture
  • Choose from suggested audiences when creating a Post or Poll

Multiple Images

Previously, images had to be selected from a mobile device’s camera roll one at a time. Now, when adding images to a Post, multiple photos can be selected at once, saving time and frustration.

Image of Structural application with multiple photos selected from camera roll

Image of iPhone with Structural application with multiple photos

Note: There is currently a 4 photo limit on Posts.

Image Zoom

From any post image, as well as from any profile photo, you can now pinch and drag to zoom in on the image. Simply double-tap to release the zoom.

Image of an iPhone zooming in on an image in the Structural application

Preset Audience Selection

At Structural, our leaders use Connect to send a Friday note to the team, summarizing our progress and looking forward to the week ahead. Like us, many teams send a communication out on a regular cadence. Now, anytime you post on the Connect tab, you’ll have a list of suggested audiences, including recent audiences (if applicable). You no longer have to pick and choose your recipients each time you post – simply select a group from your saved preset lists.

Image of iPhone with Structural application using audience selection feature

As highlighted in our recent product update that covers Advanced Targeting with Posts and Polls, you’ll be able to send to:

  • Everyone (show to everyone in your organization)
  • My Direct Reports/Team (Only show to your direct reports/other team members)
  • My Department (Only show to your department – e.g. ‘marketing’)
  • My Location (Only show to your location – e.g. ‘office’)
  • Specific People (Select a custom list, one-by-one)
  • Advanced filtering (Use the filters you have set up to find people)

In addition to these preset audiences, you'll now be able to send to your recent audiences, allowing you to connect with your preferred audiences anytime you create a Post.

Note: Users must have the appropriate permissions to create Posts and to see specific audience options. If you have concerns about your authoring permissions, please contact your organization’s Structural administrator or email

Many of our new features are the result of user feedback. If you have feedback on these features or ideas for new ones, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Be sure to subscribe for other upcoming product updates!

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