Connecting Just Got Easier: Slack Integration, Personality Profile, and More Updates from Structural

The best teams are greater than the sum of their parts. Researchers have recently discovered that communication is more important than individual intelligence, personality, and skills combined when it comes to predicting how successful the team will be. Consider your own team’s communication habits. Do they have the tools, space, and time necessary to connect on a regular basis? At Structural, we’re making team communication easier than ever with new features to understand and connect with people no matter where they live or work. Look for these updates in your Structural app later this week.

New Slack Integration

Structural already enables you to connect with people inside your company via email, text, and phone. Now, Structural customers can integrate Slack with their Structural profile, allowing people and teams to connect instantly through the popular messaging platform. The Slack integration can be configured by users with Structural integrations permissions visiting our integrations page. Users will need to have the Slack app installed on their mobile devices to connect their Structural and Slack accounts.

Structural Slack Integration

Slack integration shown on Structural profile

Not using Slack yet in your organization? It’s the fastest growing software application in history. Learn more about Slack.

Truly Know Your Co-workers with Personality Insights

Getting to know someone’s preferred work and communication styles can increase your ability to get great work done together. Structural has added personality data to the Profile tab, allowing you to quickly understand how to best connect with other people in your organization. Structural's personality profile is built by analyzing public data to tell you how you can expect any given person to behave, how he or she wants to be spoken to, and what your relationship with that person might look like.

Crystal personality data in Structural

Not sure the personality data best represents your personality? Simply toggle the feature off to disable it.

New Company Tab Now Combined with ‘For You’ Tab

Communicating with people within your organization can be difficult, especially with multiple office locations and remote work options. New with this release, we’ve combined the information on our “For You” tab with that from the “Company” tab to include easier access to company information including social channels, upcoming events, birthdays, anniversaries, and new hires, as well as other internal resources. Plus, the Company tab offers a quick overview of team structure, office locations, value statements, and more.

Company tab within Structural

This move is the first step to make room for the upcoming “Notifications” tab, to be released later this fall. Stay tuned to learn more soon on how we’re adding more interactive notifications that deepen connections within your organization, truly helping you unleash the potential of your people and teams.

Get Help with Structural

Not sure how to set up your Structural account? Need some ideas on connecting with your team? Check out our new help resources and knowledge base.

Note: Structural utilizes Crystal to gather personality insights. Crystal uses publicly available data from social networks, articles, blogs, other sources to create a predictive personality profile. You won't need to take a personality assessment to get personality data from Crystal, however, if Crystal does not have enough data to create a profile for you, you may need to ask to be added to the database by emailing

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