Build connection & opportunity at scale with Workday + Structural

Are your employees logging into Workday on a daily basis, engaging with the data inside to get their work done?

Let's face it - probably not.

Workday is a major investment for many organizations and it’s one of the best platforms in the world for streamlining employment and HR processes, like payroll and medical leave.

But, for all that Workday can do, there is an incredible amount of untapped value in all the people data that Workday stores.

Structural uses data from Workday to create a more engaging and empowering experience for employees by:

  • Combining it with the information hidden inside all of your other key business systems and creating stunning, highly-accessible profiles.

  • Creating a seamless experience for connecting with colleagues and opportunities inside daily work platforms, such as Microsoft Teams.

See how you can...

Build connection & opportunity at scale with Workday + Structural

"Structural profiles showcase all of the different factors that make you "you" - not just the basics like education and professional experience… Structural provides a holistic view of each individual employee."
HR Business Partner
HR Business Partner Andersen Corporation

The right connections at the right time.

Structural is a Discovery Platform for the Workplace, connecting people to the opportunities, experts, and insights they need to thrive at work.

“This is the single most valuable platform we’ve rolled out. We have never had this kind of visibility across our talented workforce.”
Division COO
Division COO Top 5 Global Healthcare Company

Built into the natural flow of work.

Structural connects to the systems your employees are already using, making the data from Workday and other key business systems more accessible than ever before.

Does your organization use Microsoft Teams? With our seamless integration, your employees can access Structural (and all of the valuable Workday data inside) without ever leaving the Microsoft Teams. The seamless experience your employees need is possible with Workday + Structural.  


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