Provide the best service for your clients and

optimize your consultants' assignments,

at the same time.

Meet Haru

Haru is president of a consulting and staffing firm. He knows how deep competition is for knowledge workers, and wants his employees to do their best work, here.

Here are a few ways Structural helps leaders across the firm.


"How do we ensure we best serve our clients and our consultants?"

With Structural, employees find the people and opportunities that help them grow and help your organization grow, at scale.

"We needed to get better—and faster—at aligning consultants to the best-fit projects."

Find the right people for the right assignments, quickly

Every consultant has an automatically created, comprehensive profile. Their detailed project work, specializations, current assignments, and more are automatically kept up-to-date and searchable. Haru's team can find the right people for every assignment in the pipeline.

Search @3x

"We were missing opportunities to optimize revenue because we didn't know the breadth and depth of our consultants' skills."

Uncover hidden skills and minimize bench time

Consultants have wide sets of skills—from languages, to industry experience, to technical specializations. Make all of that information available, immediately. Structural lets you offer consultants roles that use their wide base of skills, and helps Haru minimize the amount of time people spend on the bench.


Mini Case Study

An Expert Surfaced, A Major Deal Saved

According to Patrick Milan, Chief Insights Officer at IPREX, Structural is a "game-changer". He recently created this internal video to showcase the potential of Structural for his entire organization.

"We needed our consultants to see that their career growth is one of our key priorities--we need to include their growth into the process."

Give consultants clear opportunities to keep growing

With Structural, consultants can see the rich set of opportunities in the pipeline. They can raise their hand, or recommend colleagues, for roles. Give your people transparency so they can grow their careers in the directions they want to grow.


With Structural, firms optimize and align the skills of their people with the needs of their client.

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