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Meet Toni

Toni is a data analytics consultant. He spends most of his time working with clients on metric analysis and dashboard development. He wants to keep growing his skills in different technologies, and he also wants to shift into roles that help clients with broader analytics strategies.


"I usually bill 40 hours a week to client work. How do I keep up with that and still find great projects to grow my career?"

With Structural, employees quickly find the people and opportunities that help them grow and help your organization grow, at scale

"I kept hearing about projects that were perfect for my skills and goals... after they were already filled."

Give consultants transparency around new opportunities

Toni can see, and raise his hand for, roles he's interested in. Instead of hearing about roles after they've already been filled, or feeling that the same people keep getting the best roles, with Structural, he is considered for a broader set of roles.


"I found myself doing the same kind of work, over and over. I feel like I need to change companies to get better opportunitites."

Let consultants drive their career growth

Toni was hired for his deep dashboard and analytics skills—and he's delivered. He's ready to elevate those skills into more strategic roles—roles with higher bill rates and more business acumen. With Structural, Toni can clearly share his career interests so that he can be placed on roles more aligned to his growth goals. small gigs, big projects and more.

"With hybrid work, I didn't have many chances to connect with other consultants."

Support internal networks

Toni is busy with client work. He needs a way to learn more about other clients and other practice areas as he thinks about his own career growth. He also wants to mentor more junior colleagues. Structural helps Toni find people with similar skills and connects him to people across the firm.


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