A New Way to Connect Remote and Distributed Teams

Having an agile and connected remote or distributed workforce is more important than ever.

Turn isolated remote workers into a fully connected and empowered workforce.

“We get siloed by location, by floor, and by department when we need our people working across teams more than ever. It’s even harder for our remote workers.”


Structural builds and updates a dynamic profile for every member of the team.

  • People data is collected from existing systems, such as  CRM, project management, HR data, and resume information
  • Data-rich profiles are 100% optimized and searchable on day one
  • Data is organized into real-time insight and made available to everyone across the organization

How it Works
“Our old directory failed.
No one kept it up to date.
Structural was full from day one without our people doing anything.”
Becca Hoeft
Becca Hoeft CMO, Sunrise Banks

The only All-in-One People Directory with Real-Time Insight

When people data is organized and searchable, it can empower every individual to make essential connections, even across departments and borders.

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Product Animation Mobile
Product Animation Laptop
Product Animation Mobile

Find the best people & resources internally... 

(no matter where they may sit.)

Intelligent Search

Quickly and easily find the perfect collaborator based on skills, interests, project history, background, capacity, and more.

Raise your Hand

Team members can raise their hand to promote their own availability, interests, and capabilities.

People search - iPhone X-1

Humanize members of the team across locations


Find shared interests, goals, aspirations, and capabilities.


Promote a rich understanding between colleagues


Foster dynamic internal networks that reach beyond the team, the floor, or the location

“We were hearing and experiencing that with reps out in the field and customer care in a central location, we lost the fact that they are real people. Structural adds that empathy back into working relationships.”
National Director of Learning and Development
National Director of Learning and Development Structural Customer

Create a new kind of efficiency


Augmented people networks

Eliminate the reliance on tenure, limited personal networks, and mass emails to find help

More human connections 

Create peer-to-peer connections that reduce reliance on the org chart

Insource instead of outsource

Find resources internally instead of getting stuck or having to rely on expensive contractors

Retain top talent

When people feel truly connected to their team and empowered to do their very best work, amazing things can happen

"Turnover was a big cost for us. People felt disconnected from our organization and from each other. Rolling out Structural was a key part of our strategy to reduce turnover, and we have cut turnover in half in the year since rolling out Structural."
Division CEO
Division CEO Top 5 U.S. Healthcare Services Organization

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