Hybrid Work & Distributed Teams Done Right

The Ideal Platform for Hybrid Work

An agile and connected workforce is more important than ever.

Structural connects people to the opportunities and networks that empower their career and fuel the organization.

Does your team use Microsoft Teams?  Learn more about why Teams + Structural is a winning combination.

MS Teams + Structural

“We were hearing and experiencing that with reps out in the field and customer care in a central location, we lost the fact that they are real people. Structural adds that empathy back into working relationships.
Mark Bussel
Mark Bussel National Director of Learning and Development | Jostens, Inc
"This has been a game-changer for us. Creating an environment where all generations want to work is key here, and our Millennials love Structural."
Michael, Division COO
Michael, Division COO Top 5 Global Healthcare Services Organization

A Dynamic People Directory.

Everyone in the organization can find and connect with the right people at the right time based on skills, interests, role, client relationships, capacity, and more.

This is Toni.

Toni is trying to close an international prospect for a major retail project, it's the biggest account he'll work on all year.

In the past, Toni would have scoured email lists and his personal networks to find the right people and insights to deliver for the prospect. 

It was time-consuming and he rarely found what he was looking for. 

Now, he has Structural.

Hi, Im Toni

Instant Connections

We rely on one another to get work done. Finding the right person at the right time was difficult before everyone went to remote work, and now it's nearly impossible to reach outside our closest networks. 

With profiles that are automatically created and updated on everyone plus Stuctural's intelligent search, you can find and connect with the right people, instantly.


An Internal Opportunity Marketplace

Opportunities for short gigs, key projects, big roles, sales support, volunteering, learning, and mentoring are posted and recommended to the right people at the right time.

This is Alix.

Alix is a high performer. She is always looking for new opportunities to learn, contribute, and connect with others. 

She's motivated by working with diverse colleagues and leaders and she's comfortable working across projects and departments.

The shift to remote work was tough on her at first. She felt like her networks, her people, shrank overnight and she couldn't connect with new mentors.

Now, she has Structural.

I am Mira

Alix connects to opportunity

Today, Alix is thriving. Her network is growing and she's been using Structural's Internal Opportunity Marketplace to find internal gigs and new projects where she can contribute.  

A customer analytics project that is directly aligned with her career focus was recommended to her and she had time to fit it in.

Alix sees opportunity and connections across her organization and it is making work better and more productive than ever.


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Elevate the people data that matters most


Bring transparency to WFH work schedules

Allow employees to share their availability, work arrangements, and best ways to communicate.


Make meaningful connections

Provide effective ways for employees to connect, collaborate, and support one another.


Connect expertise to need

Make the right professionals easier to find.  Match expertise with opportunity.