Empower Public Sector Teams

Public sector organizations can move faster and get more done when they are better connected.

Dynamic People Directory

Stunning profiles of everyone.

Structural organizes the rich data siloed in business systems (think: CRM, Project, HRIS, and other data) to create and maintain stunning profiles of every person in the organization automatically.

Everyone can find and connect with the right people at the right time based on skills, interests, roles, clients, capacity, and more.


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“Our old directory failed. 
No one kept it up to date. 
Structural was full from day one without our people doing anything.”
Becca Hoeft
Becca Hoeft Chief Marketing Officer
"This has been a game-changer for us. Creating an environment where all generations want to work is key here, and our Millennials love Structural."
Michael Healthcare Operations Leader

Intelligent Search + Insight

Sometimes you need more than quick results. Structural empowers everyone to go deeper.

Intelligent search allows you to customize search filters to surface groups of people and real-time, data-rich, insights. 

In the words of one client, "we have never had this kind of information and insight about our people at everyone's fingertips."

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Internal Opportunity Marketplace

Opportunity to learn, grow, and contribute should be embedded into work. The Internal Opportunity Marketplace promotes the right opportunities to the right people including short gigs, key projects, big roles, sales support, volunteering, learning, and mentoring.

While the dynamic people directory organizes and connects the "supply" of talented employees across an organization, the Internal Opportunity Marketplace creates a transformational workflow around the "demand" to unlock potential. 

Explore: Opportunity Marketplace

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Break Down Data Silos

As noted in this GovTech industry perspective, government is amassing enormous amounts of data. But nearly 90% of what’s collected is never analyzed. 

  • Organize all your people data from internal systems in robust profiles
  • Allocate time and resources based on data (instead of anecdote)
  • Real-time insights let you quickly gather and contextualize data so you can make crucial decisions
People don’t always know who to call especially when something urgent or unique pops up.  Without Structural, we ask, ho owns this system? Who’s supporting that internal customer?”
Senior Leader
Senior Leader National Institutes of Health
Data Integration_Square_V4

Workforce Transformation

  • Create a Seamless Digital Experience for your people
  • Empower remote and distributed team members
  • Prioritize Innovation & Agility
  • Increase productivity in a changing workplace
    - Internal Mobility
    - Strong Internal Networks

Attract and Retain Talented People

  • Unlock succession planning insight
  • Respond to unprecedented retirements 
  • Empower your multi-generational workforce

A Leadership Team with Years of Experience in the Public Sector

  • Structural was built with the public sector in mind
  • Leadership team has served over 2,000 public sector clients across the U.S. and Europe
  • CEO recognized in the Fed 100 as one of the  most influential leaders in Federal government technology 
  • CTO previously ran the team that delivered high stakes testing services for public sector agencies worldwide
Everyone says the public sector needs to do "more with less."  Structural empowers public sector innovators to increase their impact by tapping into the full potential of the people and teams already in place.
Scott Burns
Scott Burns Founder and CEO, Structural

Security Built for the Public Sector

Structural is trusted by organizations ranging from 250 to 300,000 people, across industries. Learn how we’re working to keep your data safe.

  • Soc 2 Audited
  • Enterprise-grade Authentication
  • Governance 
  • Controlled Access

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Empowered public sector teams are greater than the sum of their parts.


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