Public sector talent use Structural to:

Connect to people and opportunities

Meet Megan

Megan is an IT Analyst with six years of experience. She is new to her department and wants to grow her career, meet people with similar skills, and love her work.

Here are a few ways Structural helps employees.


"I need tools that help me out, day-to-day."

With Structural, employees find the people and opportunities that help them grow and help your organization grow, at scale.

"I'm new at this organization and I want to start on a strong footing with my new colleagues."

Ensure a great onboarding experience

When Megan starts, she sees that she already has a complete profile in Structural, including her reporting structure, work experience, and org chart. She can customize it with her work preferences, hobbies, or anything else she'd like to share with colleagues. She can bring her whole self to work.

She can also learn more about new colleagues—their work history, their hobbies, and more. It's a great way to feel more informed, more in control, and more empowered, when starting her new job.


"I'm stuck on a tricky problem. Who has experience with this kind of challenge?"

Find experts and collaborators

Megan can find people with specific skills, expertise, and project experience, across the organization. Instead of sending out emails and IMs looking for help, she can search the whole organization to find what she needs.

She can also build relationships throughout the organization, by finding mentors, people with similar experience, people with shared hobbies, and more.

"It's not easy to figure out the chain of command and scope of ownership."

A Human-centered org-chart

(That's always up to date)

Megan, along with the rest of her new organization, needs to know people's positions, titles, agency information, and more. Structural automatically keeps org charts synchronized to reporting structures and titles. Org charts are simple to access and interactive to trace full reporting structures.

Current_Org Chart_Web+Mobile-1

With Structural, you have the tools you need to grow your professional networks and drive your career forward. 

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