Public Sector Leaders use Structural to:

Break down silos, connect people, and expand opportunities

Meet Larry

Larry is a director for a workforce agency. In hybrid work, he's concerned that people will become more siloed, impacting cross-team collaboration. He knows how hard it can be to find the right expertise, right when you need it. He wants staff to be empowered to find the people and skills they need.

Here are a few ways Structural helps organizational leaders.


"Our organization is big—we didn't know 'who knows what and who does what'—we couldn't connect the dots."

With Structural, staff can find the people and opportunities that help them solve problems, together.

"It takes a lot of time to get a full picture of a person's skills, experience, and spot in the organization."

Automatic profiles that let people find what they need, with self-service

Every employee is automatically set up with a profile that combines data from across the organization—their project work, prior work history, org chart, skills, and more. Larry, and everyone in his agency, can find experts, mentors and collaborators—on their own. The people in Larry's organization are empowered to find the right people at the right time.


"It's not easy to figure out the chain of command and scope of ownership."

An organizational chart that is always up-to-date

Larry, along with the rest of his agency, needs to know people's positions, titles, agency information, and more. Structural automatically keeps org charts synchronized to reporting structures and titles. Org charts are simple to access and interactive to trace full reporting structures.

Current_Org Chart_Web+Mobile-1
"It was always hard figuring out who has connections and personal networks to get things done. With hybrid work, the silos are even stronger, and innovation is harder."

Break down silos and build relationships, across the organization

Larry knows that creating relationships across the organization supports innovation, helps solve complex problems, and builds more employee loyalty. With Structural, people are encouraged to meet other employees with similar skills and experience.


With Structural, organizations break down silos, connect people, and expand opportunities.

For every employee, every day.

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