Lean & Agile Teams

Surface your certified experts fast, stay on top of training and reinforcement of methodologies, and keep up momentum.

Data-Rich Profiles for Every Individual

Tap into the full potential of teams org-wide to increase efficiency and effectiveness.


Make agility a reality

Empower people with insight on skills, availability, and project experience whether work is in person or WFH.


Connect expertise to need

Make the right professionals easier to find.  Match expertise with opportunity. 


Win more business

Strengthen connections within your firm to support deal pursuits and open growth opportunities.

How it Works

"Our business is lean manufacturing and distribution - we run at 99.1%. With Structural, we've upped our internal process for locating the right talent to match.
We’re as close to perfect as I think we can be.”

Barney Olson
Barney Olson Director - Talent Management Systems, Hearth & Home Technologies

Structural connects people to opportunity in ambitious organizations of all sizes.


Double-Down on Your ROI

Structural customers see major time savings and quality gains with the ability to find the right people and resources quickly. This aligns with and backs your investment in lean and agile methodologies.

Return on Investment

Search For & Identify Experts Instantly

Surfacing talent across your organization has never been easier. Use our advanced search functionality, filtering by skills, certifications, and more, to find exactly who you need in a moment's notice. 


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