Empowering Healthcare Organizations

Connecting the Experts Who Are Changing Healthcare

Leading healthcare organizations use Structural to connect the right experts to each other at the right time and deliver new solutions in a changing world.

Healthcare Case Study
"We reduced turnover by 50% in the first year with Structural because our teams no longer feel disconnected from each other and the business."
Michael Division CEO, Top 5 U.S. Healthcare Services Company

Match Talent to Opportunity

The pace of change in healthcare means the expertise you need could be based on function, geography, regulatory expertise and more. Structural clients match people to opportunity faster via the Internal Opportunity Marketplace (image left).


Connection over Noise

Replace mass messages and institutional knowledge with the ability for all of your people to find the right human connections better and faster than ever before. 


Locate and Empower Your Expertise

When everyone in an organization can search for colleagues (based of skills, projects, clients, etc.) communications are more targeted, better teams are formed, and potential is unleashed.


The skills you need might be in the office next door — or across the globe.

  • Who can teach me STATA?
  • Who are our episodes of care experts?

    No matter what your people questions are, the answers are already inside Structural.
“This is the single most valuable platform we’ve rolled out since I’ve been here.  We have never had this kind of visibility into our talented workforce.”
Michael Division CEO, Top 5 U.S. Healthcare Services Company

Real-Time People Insights

Structural organizes data from internal systems, and allows anyone to easily answer previously complex questions, like “Who in our Emerging Markets group has experience working with Arabic speaking clients?” 

Healthcare Insights Structural Laptop Img

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