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Promoting Inclusion and Expanding Internal Networks

Become a More Welcoming and Inclusive Organization 

Strengthen connection among employees, increase participation in affinity groups, activate peer support, and embed opportunity in work 

Enable Deeper Connections

Promote resource groups and identify group membership on everyone’s profile (as desired) to generate awareness and connection.

DEI Group Example

Organizations using Structural see 50-70% of employees join at least one group.

Issue: Ineffective Groups

Promote and track opportunities for group members to join events, recruit, contribute content, mentor, and more through the Structural Internal Opportunity Marketplace


opportunity marketplace within Structural promoting Veteran's Day video opportunity

"Remote work is producing significant challenges with relationship building. It's increasingly important to create more spaces where people who share identity can come together and create community.
Structural can be a tool to address this."

Kristen Matha
Kristen Matha Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Ice Miller LLP

Identify Expertise Within & Across Employee Resource Groups

Structural brings together the people data from your internal sources, including those from HRIS, CRM, and even popular ATS systems. Then our powerful search tools help you narrow your search to just the right expert.

This helps with:

  1. Finding thought leaders and topics for ERG events
  2. Mentor matching based on interests and skills
  3. Aligning member expertise with specific group initiatives
smart search within Structural platform to find experts within employee resource group

Elevated Communication

Using Structural's search functionality, employees can find exactly who they need and then reach out in one of two ways:

  1. Using Structural's post and polling capabilities 
  2. Using the communication tools already built into their day-to-day workflow (such as Slack, email, or text)

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