Foster inclusion and opportunity, at scale.

Structural offers transparent access to opportunities, connections, mentors, and more across your organization. For every one, every day.

Meet Jason

Jason is Chief Operating Officer at a large enterprise. His organization is struggling to scale inclusion and equity with existing strategies.

Accessing internal opportunities depends on knowing the right people or being in the right place at the right time. Even worse, many employees have indicated feeling like they don't belong.

Here are a few ways Structural helps leaders scale inclusion and opportunity organization-wide.


"Too many people still feel excluded.

We're just not doing enough to scale diversity and inclusion."

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Structural can help.

Transparency & equity of access

Structural automatically creates data-rich, whole-person profiles for every individual in the organization. These profiles include professional information pulled from existing business systems across the organization.

Many people also include personal information, encouraging deeper connections with colleagues and across teams. 


Let your people discover opportunities and let opportunities discover your people. At scale.

With Structural, all your organizational opportunities - work groups (ERGs), new roles, projects, practice groups, volunteer initiatives and more - are brought together in one place.

Opportunities are transparent to everyone. People can filter based on their personal interests and professional goals. Instead of opportunities being about who you know, opportunities find people based on what they do -- their skills, expertise, and more. 


What Structural clients have to say:

Move your organization from performative diversity to scaled inclusion with Structural.


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