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Tap the full potential of your organization's CliftonStrengths insights with Structural.

Scaling your strengths-based culture. 

Several Structural clients use CliftonStrengths by Gallup within their organizations to gain insight on the natural strengths of their employees. By adding these insights into the Structural platform, our clients are able to heighten the visibility of these individual strengths organization-wide and put them into action.

Data-rich profiles that highlight individual strengths

Structural organizes data, typically siloed in disparate business systems, to create and maintain stunning, searchable profiles for every person across the organization. 

CliftonStrengths data can be pulled right into a specific profile field or a special personality tab within an individual profile, making it easy for employees to showcase their own strengths and gain insight on those of their colleagues. 

“[Structural] is the single most valuable platform we’ve rolled out since I’ve been here. We have never had this kind of visibility into our talented workforce.”
Division Director Top 5 Global Healthcare Organization

A Dynamic People Directory that puts these strengths into action

Imagine being able to find someone across your organization who has a unique blend of strengths and skills that align with a specific business need, in an instant.

When CliftonStrengths data is pulled into Structural profile fields, it becomes searchable across the platform's internal people directory, along with other relevant data like skills, interests and more. This allows employees to perform simple keyword searches to locate the right colleagues at the right time, pull together teams with diverse strengths, and more.

How it Works
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