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Structural is the agile and modern way of connecting everyone in your organization to save time and unlock potential.

Structural uses the data that already exists inside your organization to launch a dynamic people directory together with a vibrant internal opportunity marketplace. 

With Structural, the talented people inside organizations can connect to each other and to opportunity with more velocity than ever before.

Take a Deeper Dive

Platform Demonstration

Structural COO, Ron Lancaster, provides an in-depth walkthrough of the Structural platform including a dynamic people directory and internal opportunity marketplace that unlocks potential, saves time, and makes work better for everyone.

This video is an excerpt from a live virtual launch event originally aired on 9/30/2020

Structural + Microsoft Teams

Create a world-class employee experience

Structural + MS Teams empower organizations to strengthen networks, save time, & embed opportunity in the workflow of every individual.

Does your team use Microsoft Teams?  Learn more about why Teams + Structural is a winning combination.

MS Teams + Structural

Optional Structural Posts Module

The optional Structural Posts module supercharges the communication tools your teams already use (Slack, Microsoft Teams, email) by allowing you to search your entire organization by skill, department, or even project data before you communicate.

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