People-Centered Retention

"It was easier for people to find a new job outside of our company, rather than inside of our company."


Why do people quit?

When people feel like they can grow more outside your company than inside, they leave. When people work in silos, they have even fewer reasons to stay.

Organizations using Structural scale the actions and relationships that let people thrive where they work.


This is Sofia.

Sofia is a high performer. She is always looking for new opportunities to learn, contribute, and connect with others. 

She enjoys her colleagues and her work but she's ready for the next step in her career. A recent influx of recruiters in her inbox has got her thinking that her next great opportunity may have to happen at another organization.

She'd love to stay and grow with her current team, but she's frustrated with a lack of transparency around new roles as well as learning and development opportunities.


Connect people to opportunity

In addition to new internal roles, most organizations are filled with small and large opportunities to contribute, learn and grow. 

Structural's Internal Opportunity Marketplace makes it easy for individuals to promote (and be found for) internal gigs, developmental stretch projects, training , mentorship, and of course - new roles, organization-wide.


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“We always check Structural to find the right people to match to opportunities in our fluid talent model. The use is beyond what I ever expected.”
Mark Goble
Mark Goble COO, MERGE

Complete visibility across your talented workforce

Structural automatically creates and maintains stunning profiles for every individual in your organization.

These data-rich profiles are the foundation for a dynamic people directory that everyone can use to find and connect with the right people at the right time based on skills, interests, roles, clients, capacity, and more. 

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"Before Structural, we were blasting out emails trying to find the right people for internal needs, running into problems. Structural aggregates information on everyone in one place. Now, as opportunities arise, I can easily search and find the right skill sets for a given need."
SVP, Client Success
SVP, Client Success MERGE
Profile and Home
"Retention was a major issue for us. We reduced turnover by 50% in the first year with Structural because prior to, our teams felt disconnected from each other and the business."
Michael COO, Global 500 Healthcare Company

A top 5 global healthcare firm uses Structural to increase retention and productivity

Increasing turnover and an employee survey critical of internal silos and lack a of transparency led this organization to take action.

Within a few months of launching Structural, this client cut turnover in half and increased employee engagement. In addition, employees made hundreds of new internal connections to support new opportunities and sustain their influx of new clientele. 

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