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Unlocking the Power of the Predictive Index

"Structural is a natural partner for us as we believe high engagement work cultures are a distinct competitive advantage."

Heather Haas,
Heather Haas, President, ADVISA

Experts in Leadership Development & Talent Optimization

ADVISA develops and inspires leaders to optimize their talent and achieve business results through the meaningful use of assessments, customized learning experiences and strategic consulting. ADVISA is a certified elite partner of The Predictive Index

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Structural is proud to partner with ADVISA.

Together, we help organizations tap into the full potential of the behavioral and personality insights offered by The Predictive Index.

Structural's integration with The Predictive Index allows for behavioral and personality insights to be pulled directly into our platform's data-rich employee profiles and dynamic people directory, making them more accessible and completely searchable. ADVISA helps organizations take these insights and put them into action through highly customized training and development, creating positive and lasting business impacts.

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Case Studies: How ADVISA clients use Predictive Index data within Structural

Arbor Homes Logo

Company Overview:

Arbor Homes is the fastest-growing new home construction company in the state of Indiana. A strong culture is what sets Arbor Homes apart from its competition. In fact, the company credits its collaborative, multi-skilled workforce for the top-notch quality and service it is able to provide customers.

ADVISA & The Predictive Index

In order to maintain this culture as the company continues to grow, Arbor Homes partners with ADVISA to administer Predictive Index assessments as part of its hiring process. This helps the company ensure the right fit for each role based on cognitive and behavioral insights, and the right fit overall for its high-achieving culture. 

Predictive Index Data Within Structural:

The pre-hire insights gained from these Predictive Index assessments are added directly into each new hires' individual Structural profile as soon as they onboard, making them fully transparent and available for real-time use. They are combined with data pulled in from other business systems.  This makes it easy for each new hire to acclimate and be found for the right opportunities faster, so he or she can begin making an impact from day one. This has become especially important with on-boarding in a primarily digital environment.

R.T. Moore Logo

Company Overview:

For over 60 years, R.T. Moore has provided plumbing, HVAC, engineering, and design services in commercial and residential markets nationwide.

The company attests that its competitive edge comes from its people and the strong values they exemplify each day. The CEO refers to R.T. Moore's collective workforce as "current and future leaders" who will carry on the company's legacy for years to come. To help with employee growth and development, R.T. Moore offers various internal training and educational opportunities and custom career paths.

ADVISA & The Predictive Index

In line with R.T. Moore's people-centric culture and its commitment to growing leaders internally, the company prioritizes understanding each individual on a deeper level and empowering employees with increased self-awareness.

With guidance from ADVISA, R.T. Moore utilizes Predictive Index assessments to gather insights and help employees understand their own unique behavioral drives and cognitive abilities. In turn, this helps them build out their personalized career journeys within the company.

Predictive Index Data Within Structural:

R.T. Moore's workforce is largely distributed, with both field and in-office employees. By adding Predictive Index data into employee profiles across the Structural platform, R.T. Moore makes these vital insights accessible from anywhere, by anyone. This helps each employee understand themselves and their colleagues better, even if they aren't working together every day. This enhanced visibility results in increased opportunities for involvement and internal career advancement.

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