Structural Launches Highly Anticipated Features to Power Productivity


Modern teams face new challenges as workplaces become increasingly mobile, distributed, and siloed. How do teams stay connected to what matters, without the need to manage unending inboxes, relentless streams of chats, and lengthy searches through shared drives and intranets? How can leaders help cut through the noise to helps individuals access the right resources and teammates to push initiatives across the finish line?

Structural is transforming productivity by breaking down barriers to connectivity and collaboration. This month, we’ll release some of our most important product updates to date to support teams and individuals at every level of your organization. From post comments to our innovative Slack integration, the new enhancements will helps teams spend less time searching for people, and more time answering important questions.

This month, get ready to see the following enhancements to your Structural platform:

Structural Platform for Web: Structural is now as mobile as you are. Our complete experience is now available on all of your devices, including desktop and laptop computers, mobile phones, and tablets.

 Jennifer WEb and Mobile

Comments: Connecting just got easier. Teams can now like and comment on posts in Structural to stay in the loop no matter where they live or work.

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Slack Integration: Have Slack? Structural makes it smarter. Ask questions, get answers, and connect with your team with Structural’s Slack integration. Slack makes it simple to query rich profile data to find available skills, experienced teammates, and contact information, and custom data for anyone in your organization.

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Post Editing: No one’s perfect, but your posts can be. Edit your post after you’ve published it to make errors and typos a thing of the past.

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Our 2019 product roadmap is our most ambitious yet, and we’ll be releasing more features to fuel productivity and performance for teams of every size. Whether you need to find a designer in Dallas, or a project manager in Portland, Structural is innovating to connect and transform teams with powerful people data.

Connected teams are 20% more productive than their siloed counterparts. Get access to your people data in Structural’s enterprise productivity platform, built to support teams of 50 to 50,000.