Structural Grows Exponentially In 2017 & Adds Partners as Sales Accelerate


St. Paul, MN. — (February 21, 2018) — Structural today announced the company finished 2017 with strong annual recurring revenue growth as they begin rolling out their Employee Success Platform to organizations nationally. The growth included the expansion of Structural’s network of reseller partners that add HR consulting services along with the roll-out of the platform. Minneapolis-based HRTechies joins Indianapolis companies Performant Solutions, ADVISA, and TEN20 as solutions partners to bring Structural’s Employee Success Platform to market.

“We’re proud to add these great partners, all of them experts in the HR and talent space, so early in our tenure,” said Scott Burns, CEO & co-founder of Structural. “The workforce is at a turning point and current solutions are failing to leverage disparate data to help organizations better understand, connect, and communicate with employees. Our partners further our mission of helping all organizations unleash the potential of their people and teams.”

Structural builds rich employee profiles from multiple data sources, fosters internal connections on skills, interests, and projects, and enables leaders to deliver real-time, mobile, and personalized connections along the employee journey. As a recent study in Harvard Business Review suggested, organizations that invest in employee experience realize 4x higher profits per employee than those that don’t invest.

“Structural helps our clients’ employees have a more engaging and powerful work experience,” reports Cindy Ridley, partner at HRTechies. “With Structural’s platform we’re helping our clients explore competencies, preferences, values, and passions of all employees, allowing them to create instant development opportunities and form the very best teams. At HRtechies, we believe by optimizing HR technology, talent can have more personal and effective experiences, and HR departments can serve a greater value than ever before. We see Structural as an accessible solution for clients to use in tandem with their current HR technology.”

“Structural is a perfect fit for us and many of our clients ​who are interested in building a high performance organization,” said Debra Jones, CEO of Performant Solutions, an Indianapolis-based provider of HR strategy consulting. “We work with our clients to develop talent strategies that support their business goals. Structural’s ability to help organizations easily find and engage their people adds value and catalyzes change in our clients’ organizations.”

Performant Solutions client Orbis Education recently selected Structural to help them better find and engage their employees and improve internal communication. “Orbis partners with students, universities, and healthcare systems through innovative educational programs that empower students to transform lives. Structural’s rich profiles and mobile access will enable us to communicate in a dynamic and personalized way with employees across the country.”

"We believe leadership effectiveness is amplified when leaders are able to facilitate meaningful connections, access team members' skills, and foster an intentional culture." said Heather Haas, President of ADVISA. "Structural is a natural partner for us as we believe high engagement work cultures are a distinct competitive advantage, and the Employee Success Platform will help our clients create the structure they need to scale their culture and create meaningful work experiences."

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