The Internal Opportunity Marketplace

How do you accelerate the connections your new team members need to onboard successfully?
How do you embed opportunity and talent mobility into your DEI efforts?

Connect People to Opportunity 

The Internal Opportunity Marketplace

Structural's Internal Opportunity Marketplace is built to match the "supply" of talented employees across an organization to the "demand" of short gigs, key projects, big roles, sales support, volunteering, learning, and mentoring.

Structural can connect your people to opportunity no matter where they work, be it via web application, mobile app, or even inside of Microsoft Teams. 

"One of the surest ways for leaders to create better opportunities for their organizations is to create better opportunities for their people."
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MIT Sloan in collaboration with Deloitte Insights
MIT Sloan in collaboration with Deloitte Insights Opportunity Marketplaces

Human-Centered Onboarding

What is your speed to value onboarding plan in a post-pandemic world?

Structural automatically creates and maintains stunning profiles for every individual in your organization allowing people to quickly scale their internal networks and be found for new opportunities, starting on day 1.

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"Our employees are now immersed in a digital world. From onboarding to maintaining connection and culture across the organization, Structural is at the core of that experience for us.”
Michael, Division CEO
Michael, Division CEO Top 5 Global Healthcare Company
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"We always check Structural to find the right people to match to opportunities in our fluid talent model. The use is beyond what I ever expected."
Mark Goble
Mark Goble COO, MERGE

Talent Mobility Embedded in the Flow of Work

Without the opportunity for growth and mobility what is to keep your top performers from heading for the door? But who has time to thoughtfully craft a talent mobility plan for every individual?

Take the guess-work (and leg-work) out of finding the right person for the right role, project, gig, etc... and connect them to the opportunities that empower their career and maximize value and capacity for your entire organization.


Foster Equity of Opportunity

Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) efforts fail when individuals are siloed and unable to make meaningful connections outside of their teams. Structural makes it easy for individuals to expand their network, connect with career-defining opportunities and build community with others who share their identity.

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It's increasingly important to create more spaces where people who share identity can come together and create community.
Structural can be a tool to address this."
Kristen Matha
Kristen Matha Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Ice Miller LLP
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"This opportunity-centered approach may well prove to be the most ethical and economical way to align enterprise values with enterprise value creation."
MIT Sloan in collaboration with Deloitte Insights
MIT Sloan in collaboration with Deloitte Insights Opportunity Marketplaces

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