Slack Integration for Structural


Make more meaningful connections.

  • Have you struggled to engage more people or the right people on Slack?
  • Have you ever seen a message from a colleague in Slack and wanted more background on them?
  • Have you wondered what channels a colleague is active in?

The Slack integration seamlessly brings together the power of Slack communication with the connectivity of Structural’s All-in-One People Directory.

First, search right from the Slack command line for skills, names, or more for those inside your organization. Contact them via Slack, or easily review their rich profile in the Structural interface.

Second, no need to search Slack for an address, you can now contact a colleague easily in Slack directly from the Structural interface.

Make more meaningful connections.

Search your people directory right from Slack. In the example above, the terms 'customer' and 'marketing' were added to the Slack global search. This command pulls data right from the Structural directory so you can see who meets your search criteria and instantly connect with the right people.

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