Time for a Reset: Building a Hybrid Work Environment Your Employees Will Actually Love

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Chances are, you've heard about The Great Resignation by now.

Over 40% of the global workforce is planning to find a new job within the next year.

Now is the time to show your employees that in this new hybrid work setting, staying with your organization is better than going elsewhere. Even if you aren't worried about turnover, this transition period presents a rare opportunity to redefine or reinforce your organization's strong culture.

It's not enough to help your employees adjust to hybrid work. To retain them and help them thrive, you must create an environment that offers meaningful work, connection and growth opportunities - regardless of work location.

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A Guide to Helping Employees Thrive in Hybrid Work

What's inside:

  • Key considerations to keep in mind while building your organization's hybrid work environment
  • An overview of The People-Tech Maturity Model (Where does your organization fall?)
  • Examples of what "thriving" looks like on an individual basis
  • Three steps towards building a thriving hybrid workplace that you can take now


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Meet the Speaker & Author

Sarita Parikh
Vice President of Product, Structural

Structural allows organizations to connect their people to opportunity with more velocity than ever before, using a dynamic and data-rich people directory and an internal opportunity marketplace.

Sarita is a product leader focused on designing products that help bridge the gap between what people mean to do and what we actually do. Her professional mission is to use technology to bring more flourishing into our day-to-day lives. 

She started her career as a computer engineer after graduating from Rice University, and has held a variety of product and technology leadership roles in finance, retail, telecommunications, health care, and education.

Sarita Parikh, Structural's VP of Product