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About the book: Established companies know they need to move forward at break-neck speeds to keep up with transformational technology-enabled start-ups. But leaders of these companies don’t have much guidance on how they can leverage their existing strengths to accelerate their journey. In Goliath's Revenge, Heidrick Consulting partner Scott Snyder (Featured Panelist) and co-author Todd Hewlin draw lessons from successful companies and offer six clear recommendations of how leaders can realign their business models, reset talent development priorities, reshape innovation processes, revamp their use of data, and retake market share. (Source)

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Acting on the Innovation Imperative

“To remain ahead of the curve, business leaders will need to make talent and culture the centerpiece of their innovation strategy, with the understanding that the people, and not just the technology, will be the true differentiators and key to their success in the digital future.”

Scott Snyder & Todd Hewlin, Goliath's Revenge