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Foster Employee Advocacy & Rally Your Workforce Around External Recruitment Efforts

The best ambassadors of your company culture and talent brand are your employees. Drive organization-wide participation in and engagement with your external recruitment strategies using Structural.

Complete visibility across your pool of employee advocates.

Structural automatically creates and maintains stunning profiles for every employee in your organization. These profiles organize data around the individual, like work history, education, skills, interests, and more. They can also be set up to contain pertinent recruitment information so that you can easily answer questions like:

Which of our design team members still need to attend interview training this year?

Do we have alums from a specific university we're visiting next month?

Who might have worked with this candidate in a previous role?

And more...

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Show Candidates What It's Like to Work at Your Company

Providing a glimpse into your organization for prospective employees has never been easier. Using Structural, you can show candidates how information is shared, how wins and milestones are celebrated, and how opportunities are found organization-wide. Additionally, features like Structural Groups are beneficial for forming Employee Resource Groups and bringing together individuals with common interests. 

It's never been easier to help your top candidates envision themselves working, collaborating, and building relationships within your organization.

"Structural has been a game-changer for us. Creating an environment where all generations want to work, and the ability to show that, is key.  Millennials seem to especially love the platform."
CEO Top 5 U.S. Healthcare Services Organization
Employee Resource groups
“We always check Structural to find the right people to match to opportunities in our fluid talent model. The use is beyond what I ever expected.”
Mark Goble
Mark Goble COO, MERGE

Connect your People to Opportunity

Most organizations are filled with small and large opportunities to contribute, learn, and grow - internal gigs, developmental stretch projects, training, mentorship, and even new roles. Structural's Internal Opportunity Marketplace makes it easy for individuals to promote (and be found for) these opportunities.


Activate your team of employee advocates

Structural's Internal Opportunity Marketplace can help you rally your workforce around your external recruitment efforts. Promote and track opportunities for employees to get involved with brand ambassadorship and talent attraction efforts, allowing your best advocates to raise their hands and get involved. 

Explore: Opportunity Marketplace

Copy of Recruitment Opps
"Regarding outreach to prospective talent, Structural has been great for activating our wider employee base. It's much more impactful to have individuals from different teams sharing our job posts on social, for example, that relying on one community manager or putting it all on our recruitment team."
VP of Client Delivery
VP of Client Delivery MERGE

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