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Traditional Jobs are Broken.
The New Work Operating System with Ravin Jesuthasan

noun_clock_4159693 25 Minutes

Are Traditional Jobs Dead in This New Economy?

In this conversation, we'll talk to Best-selling Author and Global Thought Leader Ravin Jesuthasan about

  1. Why You Need to Deconstruct Jobs Into "Work Operating Systems"
  2. How to Increase Employee Agility, Productivity, and Retention.
  3. 4 Key Principles to Adapt to the Future of Work


Equity at Scale with Jason Golub

noun_clock_4159693 25 Minutes

How do you know if your organization is truly investing in equity at scale?

In this conversation, we'll talk to Jason Golub, Chief Diversity Officer at Kahilla, about the 3 key ways to build a lasting equity strategy that is truly impactful, at scale.


Remote Work Revolution

noun_clock_4159693 25 Minutes

Harvard Business School professor and award-winning author Tsedal Neeley has spent nearly two decades researching and working closely with organizations that are successfully navigating the digital workplace.

During our fireside chat with Professor Neeley, she shares the best practices necessary to help your employees perform at their highest levels, build trusting relationships, and stay engaged wherever they're working.

book cover with Tsedal

Hybrid Work Done Right: Structural + MS Teams

noun_clock_4159693 40 Minutes

Struggling to realize potential and keep your teams connected? 

Learn how to get the most out of your hybrid teams through engagement and effective empowerment.

Microsoft Teams and Structural have partnered together to unlock their full potential to connect and empower your hybrid teams.



Building a Hybrid Work Environment Your Employees Will Actually Love

noun_clock_4159693 30 Minutes

Chances are your organization has evolved with the current with the hybrid work trends of the post pandemic work world. 

Is your organization taking the necessary steps towards building a thriving hybrid workplace, one that is meeting the needs of your employees?

Where does your organization fall on The People - Tech Maturity Model?


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The ROI of Empathy

noun_clock_4159693 1 Hour

Structural CEO Scott Burns is joined by two amazing guest speakers -- Maria Ross, brand strategist and author of The Empathy Edge, and Peter Dircks, VP & General Manager at Fireside Hearth and Home.

Empathy plays a large role in the retention of your top performing employees. Learn how a workplace culture that prioritizes empathy creates a better employee experience, fuels innovation, and cultivates a loyal workforce.

MariaRoss_3D EmpathyEdge-bookcover-1

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The Innovation Imperative

noun_clock_4159693 1 Hour

The world's largest companies are well-positioned to innovate, yet often struggle to do so. With a global pandemic and a shifting economy, the innovation imperative is more real now than ever.

Join a panel of leaders who have helped drive innovation inside some of the largest enterprises in the world. Gain insight into how the winners in the marketplace leverage data, unleash internal talent, and expand their innovation ecosystem.


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Employee Experience Event

noun_clock_4159693 1 Hour

Creating a better employee experience for every individual. How can you embed opportunity into the workflow of everyday life for dispersed teams and individuals?

Learn how utilizing internal people data and opportunity marketplaces will improve your employees experience by connecting them to opportunity within your organization.


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