Reinventing the Employee Directory

“Structural gave us rich employee profiles and smart search from day one.
Our teams are more connected and more productive than ever!”

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Discover the employee directory powered by people data. 

Structural powers a new kind of employee directory, one like you’ve never seen or used before. 

It's built to help you discover and connect with employees across the company. With Structural, you and your team can stop wasting valuable time navigating the organization.

  • Launch in as few as 10 days
  • Rich profiles for your whole team from day one
  • Smart search helps you find the right people at the right time
  • Delight and connect with your team
  • Start small and add data over time
  • Used by organizations 50 to 50,000

Structural connects your entire organization to achieve sales goals, deliver world-class projects, and build dream teams.


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Here’s how other teams are using Structural to connect their teams...and win!

“I’m able to build my internal network, engage better, and navigate my own career.”

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“People are contacting me when I can really help and not just filling up my inbox.”

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“I can find the help I need to learn skills and systems in real time.”


Old School Directory vs. Structural

We’ve reinvented the employee directory from the bottom up -- starting with people data.

Structural is always up to date with rich profiles for the entire team. Our proprietary profile enrichment system integrates with existing internal data sources along with publicly available professional data, to create complete profiles from day 1. 

Structural provides much more than just basic contact information for your employees. Structural is like your own internal employee directory, and unlike legacy systems, Structural is flexible and customizable based on the needs of your organization. With our intelligent search tools you'll find the right people when you need them, and find out who they report to, or who reports to them.

Structural clients can add data right from your HRIS system or even cluttered spreadsheets. Once your data is loaded, you can search, filter and connect with teammates based on any number of custom data points.

McKinsey research shows that connected teams are 20-25% more productive. Structural helps you easily discover your entire organization and reporting relationships. Plus, it provides relevant and detailed background data about colleagues and potential collaborators. Connect throughout organization to get work done better and faster.

Need to Collaborate?

You can build on your Employee Directory to add on Structural communication and collaboration tools to drive connection and action across your team!

Structural is the employee directory, reinvented for the modern workforce that your company needs.  Highly structured and rich profiles. Ability to use intelligent search, smart links, people match, and more.


Break Down Barriers to Performance

Data is currently scattered, incomplete, and inaccessible in your current HR, business, and personal systems.

Structural sources data from systems you're already using to connect people with the right experience with opportunities that move the needle. 

The amazing profiles you're seeing took our company 30 minutes of effort to get started. Structural worked their magic and did the rest. 
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Operations Manager Structural Customer
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Structural Powers Employee Directories for Organizations of 50 to 50,000!

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