Strategic Unit of a Top Global Healthcare Firm Uses Structural to Increase Retention and Productivity

The Challenge:

When is a walk down the hallway or a quick phone call not enough?

Matching talent to opportunity and promoting strong internal networks was uncomplicated when the firm was small. Most employees were in direct contact with one another and could get in touch easily.

In 2018, after years of strong growth, both the complexity of opportunities and the diversity of skills and expertise on the team had expanded beyond the level where personal networks could support the right connections at the right time. 

On top of this, the firm’s culture became diluted and employees started to feel increasingly disconnected from the organization as a whole. In fact, staff turnover reached an unsettling 35%.


The Process:

To remedy the increased turnover and strengthen connections among employees, the firm deployed an employee engagement team tasked with finding a solution. This group consulted a ~2,000 person sister organization under the same parent company, which had participated in a lengthy pilot of Structural that yielded very promising results, including:

  • Increased speed to market 
  • More streamlined internal opportunity placement
  • Reduced hours spent on staffing by 20-30%
  • Improved workplace management and engagement
We reduced turnover by 50% in the first year with Structural because our teams no longer feel disconnected from each other and the business.
Michael W.
Michael W. Division CEO

The healthcare consulting firm uses Structural's Internal Opportunity Marketplace to connect people to different sorts of roles and training opportunities allowing for greater internal mobility, higher employee engagement and a reduction of detrimental turnover. 

In October 2019, after examining its parent company’s results and running a brief pilot of its own, the firm decided to move forward with Structural as a solution for increasing transparency and peer connections organization-wide. Key goals the firm hoped to achieve via the use of Structural included:

  • Improved utilization of individuals and more rapid project staffing
  • Increased support of peer connections, mentoring programs and targeted communications
  • Increased visibility into the unique strengths and expertise organization-wide, with these insights available to all employees
  • Ability to make more informed people decisions, ultimately leading to increased career development opportunities for employees and increased retention
If I know my client is looking for a business analyst, for example, I can search that title in Structural and quickly see in their bookings who is “on the bench” and then refer the right person to the client.
Jenny K.
Jenny K. Project Management Consultant

The data pulled into the platform mirrors the expertise of the firm’s talented employees. It includes current and past project assignments, client experience, technical skills, certifications, current and future capacity, development goals and interests, and more, on each and every person. All of this is organized in robust, searchable, employee profiles.

With Structural’s advanced search capabilities, the firm’s employees can easily find exactly who they need internally, in real-time, simply by entering in keywords (see image to right) or adding a quick search filter. To increase connection and engagement, the firm makes great use out of the optional Structural Connect module as well. This has been especially impactful during the COVID-19 pandemic as the team has become more distributed and remote. Since March of 2020, the platform has seen surges in sharing of resources and expanded use of the Structural Groups function to create support teams. The firm’s management team leverages Structural Connect to push out important messages, company updates and even new hire announcements. 

Healthcare Insights Structural Laptop Img

Real-time insights are quickly pulled from groups of experts or search results, creating a rich view of this talented workforce that was never possible before.

The Result:

With Structural, our healthcare consulting client was able to not only meet but exceed the goals originally put in place. Part of the reason for this is how quickly and fully the firm’s employees embraced Structural, with over 60% of employees actively using the platform. The firm’s CEO even commented, “This is the single most valuable platform we’ve rolled out since I’ve been here. We have never had this kind of visibility in our talented workforce.”

Connections are strengthening each and every day, based on these high levels of activity. In the past six months alone, there have been over 14,000 profile views and 5,000 connections made within the platform. 

In addition to utilizing Structural for connection, the firm’s employees have reported another major benefit of usage: productivity. Not only are they able to find the right people at the right time and staff winning project teams faster, but the overall quality of work has increased because experts are being matched to the projects and tasks that align with their skill sets and experience.

As previously mentioned, one of the firm’s key objectives in rolling out Structural was to increase retention rates after turnover rose to a concerning level. According to one division CEO, turnover has since reduced by half. For the first time, they are able to quickly access business-critical people data and provide opportunities that enrich the employee experience and benefit the firm as a whole.

This has been a game-changer for us. Creating an environment where all generations want to work is key here, and our Millennials love Structural.
Mike N.
Mike N. Division CEO


In just a matter of months, our healthcare consulting client went from major growing pains and a high turnover rate to increased employee engagement and performance on projects that has allowed them to sustain their influx of new clientele. Structural has played a key role in this remarkable turnaround with its data-driven platform that empowers people and teams.



People data is collected from existing systems and organized into rich, searchable, profiles.


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