We Founded Structural Because People and Teams Deserve Better

By Chip House and Scott Burns

We’re truly excited to announce the launch of Structural where we are pioneering something we call Employee Success Management.

View our press release and announcement video below.

As technology industry veterans from strong company cultures, we know the possibilities that exist when employees are connected, engaged, and their talents are fully utilized. That’s why we’re thrilled to bring Structural to the world. Our mission is to help organizations unleash the full potential of their people and teams.

Over a combined 34 years at GovDelivery, ExactTarget, and Salesforce, we were fortunate enough to be part of companies that drove amazing results, in large part due to deep connections between team members.

Even in these successful organizations, there were obstacles to helping employees succeed. Many organizations fail to realize the full potential of their most valuable asset, their people. Often it is too difficult to surface employee talents, which can be easily hidden inside a narrow role, an isolated office, an overwhelmed manager, or a siloed organization.

The upside of getting this right is incredible, because when people and teams are more connected, they bring more passion to work, solve problems faster, and accelerate growth.

“Organizational success and employee success are one and the same.” 

- Scott Burns, Structural CEO

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The Changing Workforce
Leaders today know the workforce is changing in profound ways. It’s increasingly difficult to find, retain, and motivate the people necessary to build successful teams. A study by PwC titled “Work Life 3.0: Understanding How We’ll Work Next” shows 33% of millennials feel their greatest talents are perpetually underutilized at work. The same study reveals a shocking 1/3 of workers expect to be at a different job in 6 months.

Companies that succeed at solving these challenges are rewarded with significant, concrete benefits. A study by Gartner showed that companies with engaged employees grow revenue 3% faster and are 12% more profitable than those without.

Employee Success = Customer Success = Organizational Success
Prior to our start with Structural, the platform was tested with a set of initial customers, building out functionality and proving success. The Structural platform was built, tested and optimized by an outstanding and passionate group of engineers, Ryan Pylipow, Neil Ahrendt and Mike Hockerman. The results of their work have been fantastic. Our early customers include large professional service providers, leading law firms, specialized staffing agencies, and other firms across many industries. Thousands of their employees are using Structural’s platform via their mobile devices, helping them highlight their skills, provide feedback, and build deeper connections with their co-workers.

Our customers like YourEncore and Brooksource are already seeing real success with the platform. Carlie Oakley, the VP of Brand Excellence for rapidly growing IT staffing company Brooksource, was challenged with maintaining culture and connectivity as they grew to over 400 employees in 23 locations. The Structural mobile platform enables their employees nationwide to collaborate and continue to foster growth, opportunity and success. Carlie shared this: “Structural is the the place we house all the data I used to have in my head when we were a much smaller company.”

Structural helps organizations reduce people costs, improve employee retention, productivity and recruiting. Tour the Structural Platform to learn more.

“Companies with engaged employees grow revenue 3% faster and are 12% more profitable than those without.”
- Gartner

Our goal is to provide intelligence to organizations, improving their ability to surface and align employee potential with strategic priorities for recruitment, retention and employee success. We do this by bringing structure and connections to otherwise chaotic and siloed organizational data. With Structural, company leaders can find and nurture talent within their organization, maximize team effectiveness, and leverage their current HR systems to create new value and growth.

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We’d love to hear from you about your journey. Do you know each of your employees talents? Is the full potential of your teams realized? We’re anxious to get feedback from organizations of all sizes, so we can continue to build out a platform that creates real business value. We’ll keep individual responses private, but will share with you how you benchmark against other organizations via our Employee Success Quotient. What’s your ESQ? Find out here.

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