Structural Adds Engagement Features, Notifications, and Custom Targeting

New Features: “Like” a Structural Post or Poll, Custom Targeting, & Notifications.

Ever call your kids down for dinner or in from outside and you get the silent treatment? It hurts, right? It feels similar when you send a message on social media and nobody engages with your post or 'likes' it. That’s why we’ve added these great new features to Structural - available now!

New features include:

  • Like a Post or a Poll (with a thumbs up!)
  • Get a notification when a new Post or Poll is sent to you
  • Get notified when someone “Likes” your Post or Poll
  • New Advanced Targeting features



This Spring, we launched Connect, giving you the ability to do Posts and Polls to your organization. A “post” is comprised of text and a number of different optional attachments, allowing those with appropriate permissions to post text, images, polls, or recognize a co-worker.


When you send a message, you want to know it has been received. Structural now notifies your audience that a post or poll is in their account with a mobile push message, and a red dot on the app icon on your mobile device. Also, now recipients can “Like” your posts, and you’ll see who liked it, and also be notified via a mobile push message. It feels just like other social media you and your employees are used to. So start posting and liking today!

Advanced Targeting

Most marketers today use data better to target consumers that organizations do to communicate with employees. Structural is out to change that!

Advanced Targeting with Posts and Polls is powerful, and quickly enables you to hand-pick employees to target with communications. Depending on permissions, you’ll be able to send to select:

  • Everyone (show to everyone in your organization)
  • My Direct Reports (Only show to your direct reports)
  • My Department (Only show to your department - e.g. ‘marketing’)
  • My Location (Only show to your location - e.g. ‘office’)
  • Specific People (Select a custom list, one-by-one)
  • Advanced filtering (Use the filters you have set up to find people)

Employee engagement, done right, brings employees into the same boat, rowing in the same direction. The Connect tab inside Structural keeps on getting better and will continue to as we focus on helping you engage your employees and make them successful!

Stay tuned for blogs on suggestions of ways to use polls to engage your team and gauge work satisfaction.

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