Scaling the Impact of Connecting People to Opportunity Where They Work

It’s time to build a more connected, productive, and inclusive workplace that embeds opportunity for everyone.


I’m pleased to announce that we continue to receive outstanding support for Structural and have secured a new investment of over $2M.

Funding by itself means little to our current and future customers and their employees.

Here’s why it matters. The organizations we serve are ambitious and share our goal of unleashing the potential of people and teams. We have already built a world class team, industry leading integrations, and a highly-secure platform so that we can serve these organizations which include growing organizations of all sizes and some of the world’s largest employers.

Our total funding of over $9M is allowing us to deliver on the ambitious goals we share with our customers and their people.

Read more about how our customers are increasing productivity, reducing turnover, and pursuing opportunity faster with Structural.

This new investment recognizes the unique opportunity to support organizations as they work to transition to a more dynamic and distributed future of work at an accelerated pace.

Our strategic partners at Augeo led the round and were joined by many of our existing investors. Augeo is a global leader in loyalty and engagement platforms that serve millions of employees, customers, members, and channel partners. Augeo platforms seamlessly integrate Structural’s rich profiles, dynamic people directory, and internal opportunity marketplace. 

“We have seen meaningful impact with our clients and their people by bringing Structural’s unique capabilities into our platforms. The future of work is more connected and more dynamic. Augeo and Structural offer a powerful path forward that engages employees, elevates productivity, and enables companies to accelerate success.”

- David Kristal
Chief Executive Officer & Co-Chairman, Augeo

We launched Structural in 2017 because, even before the pandemic changed the world as we knew it, people were frustrated with work. 

As leaders in our own organizations, we found that the proliferation of employee survey tools to find out what’s going wrong with work too often led to ping pong tables and new benefit programs instead of fundamentally changing the way work gets done.

We were frustrated that people have an easier time connecting to new people and opportunity on LinkedIn than they do right where they work. We also knew that remote and distributed work was only going to make these problems worse.

We set out to address two failures of the modern workplace that cause organizations to lose productivity and, more importantly, demotivate and lose great people.


Two Failures of the Modern Workplace

1. People feel siloed and disconnected from one another and it kills productivity and engagement.  

According to McKinsey, the average interaction worker wastes the equivalent of one day a week looking for the right people and information. Unless you applied for a job as “Internal Detective,” this is a frustrating and outdated way to work.

And there are real consequences for the organization as well.

  • Deals are lost, opportunities are missed, problems go unsolved, and the types of real human connections that drive engagement (see: Why We Need Best Friends at Work) are lost or never formed.
  • Organizations aspire to be inclusive but then fail to provide a road map that allows new employees to navigate in an inclusive and equitable way.


2. Opportunities to connect, learn, and advance externally look more appealing than those internally.

According to a recent research report published by MIT Sloan, in collaboration with Deloitte Insights, people find it 2x easier to look outside their organization for roles and opportunities than to look internally.  

Structural has found there is a better way. 

We have invested in becoming the best in the world at organizing existing data within organizations around people. This data includes obvious things like HR data and resumes, but we also reach deeper into project systems, CRMs, and collaboration platforms to pull out the data that informs a current and stunningly rich view of everyone inside an organization. We make this data useful by creating a new kind of dynamic employee directory that is accessible and valuable to everyone from the individual contributor to the CEO. Our internal opportunity marketplace expands opportunity from an internal job board to include a project or learning opportunity an ambitious employee can take on this afternoon.

Screen Shot 2021-01-29 at 10.39.47 AM

Structural embeds opportunity into all the places work gets done, including on the web, via an intuitive mobile app and now even inside of Microsoft Teams


We’re using our funding to scale our platform, build out stunning integrations, and take advantage of the demand for our impactful integration into Microsoft Teams that combines the power of Teams for supporting meetings and collaboration with the power of Structural of getting the right people connected to each other and to opportunity at the right time.

We look forward to what’s next as we continue to unleash the potential of people and teams.


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Scott Burns is the Co-founder and CEO of Structural. Previously, he co-founded GovDelivery, which grew to 250 people serving over one thousand public sector organizations and helping them engage hundreds of millions of citizens through digital communications. He was named A Most Admired CEO in 2020 by the Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal.

Twitter: @smburns


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