New Notifications Tab Makes Engagement Real-Time, Mobile, and Personal.

In 2017, we surveyed 130 leaders and asked them how their organization communicates, finds and supports talent, and drives employee success. Our survey revealed that 94% of organizations still relied on word of mouth to surface available skills and connect internal candidates to available opportunities. When it came to internal communication, 95% of organizations primarily used email to stay connected and recognize internal contributions. While some organizations were satisfied with the status quo, most leaders recognized that they needed more scalable, personalized methods for staying connected to important events, recognizing note-worthy milestones, and getting critical updates to retain and engage their people and teams.

Introducing the Notifications Tab

We’re making recognition, communication, and engagement easier than ever with our new Notifications Tab in the Employee Success Platform. With notifications, it’s simple for leaders and colleagues to recognize career milestones, work anniversaries, birthdays, and other important achievements with a real-time feed of new and noteworthy information. The new Notifications Tab allows every user to see a personalized feed of relevant posts, polls, and reactions, all from their mobile device. 


Notifications Tab


Users will receive personalized notifications via email or push notifications, which they can customize directly from their Structural app and phone settings. Notifications will stay active in a user's feed for at least 30 days, helping leaders and teams stay connected no matter where they live or work. Make sure notifications are toggled on to receive personalized updates from Structural.

iPhone Notification Settings

What's Next for Notifications? 

We're working hard to keep teams in the loop on what's happening throughout their organization. In future releases, we'll create more ways to see when someone has added new skills, learn how they're progressing through their employee journey, and suggest ways to recognize them according to their personality and work preferences. Notifications will alert leaders when Structural finds people with skills or interests that might be a fit for an upcoming project, or when multiple team members share complementary strengths. Notifications will help surface critical internal insights to help organizations drive productivity, increase engagement, and close more business. Stay tuned for more updates on the Notifications Tab in the coming months.

Bonus: Structural is now Optimized for the iPhone X

If your team looks anything like ours, you probably have some excited technophiles eager to get their hands on Apple’s latest iPhone release. We’ve optimized our mobile experience to make sure finding the right talent and recognizing contributions is now faster (and dare we say, prettier) than ever on the new iPhone X.

Not an Apple fan? Part of the my-phone-works-just-fine-thank-you crowd? We’ve got you covered. Be sure to update to the latest version of Structural in the app store or Google Play to enjoy the new enhancements we’ve recently launched to make your mobile experience better than ever.

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