How Well Do Companies Drive Employee Success?

Last month, we launched our first Employee Success Survey, asking companies across the globe to tell us how they drive employee success. Most organizations struggle to find, recruit, engage, and retain top talent with over 1/3 of workers planning to change jobs in the next six months, according to PwC. To gauge how well organizations drive employee success, we developed the "Employee Success Quotient" (ESQ).

The results from our first ESQ study are still coming in, but we're excited to share an early snapshot. We received over 150 responses from companies of all sizes, with 42% of respondents coming from organizations larger than 250 employees. The larger the company, the greater need and importance employee success can have on the business — and a greater need for an Employee Success Platform (like Structural).

One of the core areas of employee success revolves around communication throughout an organization. In our research, we found that 95% of organizations use email as their main communication mode. 57% of organizations use Town Halls, and 36% use Slack.

We also took a look at how well companies capitalize on the unique skills of their employees. A major component to employee success is how well an employee feels their skills are being utilized and developed. The companies surveyed rated their ability to capitalize on unique skills as a 2.96 on a 5-point scale.

One way companies can better capitalize on unique skills is by using an internal resume database, Structural People Profiles, or a similar system. Only 23% of organizations said they use an internal resume database, though, with the bulk of respondents relying on word of mouth to surface employee talents.

As we dig into more of our results from our first ESQ benchmark study, we'll be sure to share more findings here on our blog.

We'll be sharing the full results of the survey in the coming month. If you'd like to be included in the survey, get early and exclusive access to our findings, and see how your organization compares to others, be sure to take our survey yourself.

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