How to Find Experts Across your Organization

We recently added in Expert Recommendations on your profile to help you find people within your organization that are skilled in the areas that you may want to improve.

You can see these on your profile.

Recommended Experts-1

Expert Recommendations builds on our previous data science additions: People Match and Skill Recommendations. 

People Match

People Match helps find the people across the organization that are similar to you based on a variety of factors used to compare your profile to everyone else across the organization. The result is a “match” on how similar they are, as shown below (located on your profile page).


Skill Recommendations

Skill Recommendations uses the results of People Match to create a list of skills that they have… and that you don’t. You can find Skill Recommendations on your profile, in the skills section.

Skill Recommendationw

We’re really excited about the combination of data science and people data; and how the result can help you better navigate and connect across your organization.

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