Dynamically-created Company Views

Your organization is a network.

The modern workplace is a collection of people across departments, locations, or perhaps even coffee shops. But no matter the physical structure of your organization there exists a multitude of seen and unseen connections that make the network thrive.

When we originally launched Groups, we knew they were going to be an important part of helping organizations grow more connected. And in the intervening months, our enthusiasm for what these offer has only grown.

That’s why we’re building on this, capability with Company Views.

These views dynamically represent your organization structure; so you don’t have to keep your groups updated manually - it all happens automatically. And you’ll find these in the sidebar on the web app today, and on the sidebar in mobile in the coming weeks.

Structured Groups Company Views can be found in the sidebar on the web app today, and on the sidebar in mobile in the coming weeks.


Based on your people data, Company Views are available for:

  • Everyone - this works like a group that everyone in your organization is a member of. Respecting your company settings on who can post. Use this for company-wide announcements.
  • Department - this is dynamic view of the department of the currently logged in user.
  • Location - similarly, this is based on the location information stored on the profile of the currently logged in user.
  • Team - represents the individual’s peers and their manager. 
  • Direct Reports - is for managers to view, understand, and better work with their directs.

With Company Views:

  • Share group-specific news, understand your coworkers with newfound insight, and possibly make a new connection. 
  • Find team members quickly. Just click into each view to see a summary of members, or review the entire list of people.
  • Target communications. Send files, polls and messages to your team, department, direct reports, etc. Best of all, you know your lists are always up to date. You can set permissions so only certain team members can send group messages. (Contact us if you’d like to set up these custom permissions: support@structural.com)
  • And much more!

We’re always listening to your feedback to make Structural as effective as possible for you and your team. Let us know what you think.  support@structural.com


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