Stay Connected with the Right People with Saved Searches in Structural

Save custom searches and audiences with new search functionality in Structural’s People Tab.

One of the biggest challenges modern organizations will face is finding the right people when they need them most. As teams grow and become increasingly remote and distributed, the ability to find the right people based on skills, location, and experience becomes critical to the success and growth of a business. According to recent research from PWC, 77% of CEOs see the availability of key skills as the biggest threat to their business, but few have the ability to find the people in their organization and tap into the experience of their people and teams.

Enter people profiles. Structural makes it easy to aggregate existing experience, past work history, interests, locations, personality data, and other pieces of critical people insight necessary to unlock untapped talent within an organization.

Best yet, we just made it easier than ever to create custom, dynamic searches, making finding and connecting with the right people within your organizations as easy as a single click. 

Saving searches or lists of people allows anyone within your organization to have instant, direct access to the people who can help them solve problems faster, without having to track down teammates in outdated, complex internal systems. If you frequently need to communicate with people in a specific department, or want quick access to a list of department leaders, saved searches and lists allow you to get posts and emails to them instantly from your mobile device.

As your team grows, you may want to add more people to your saved audiences on the fly. Structural users can now add anyone to a saved list, or create a new list, right from a user’s profile. After you’ve added a user to a list, you can easily send your updated list a post or an email within the Structural platform. 

With Structural, finding and connecting with the right people within your organization doesn’t have to involve a costly wild goose chase. Instead, with all of your people data in one place, connecting the right people with opportunities that move the needle is efficient and seamless. If you have any questions or concerns, check out our Help Center article here, or feel free to contact us at


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